What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Practicing yoga is a practice intended to lead us to a blissful life, a life of calmness, a healthy body, deeper concentration and overall content and joy.

Some benefits in brief:

  • Keeps the spine supple: especially bending backwards and twisting
  • Relief of back pains and stiffness: Yoga stretches the back in all six directions.
  • Better posture: stretching and lengthening the spine and opening of the chest and shoulders help improve posture.
  • Flexibility: increasing our range of motion through out every single joint.
  • Calming: All the aspects of yoga, but especially deepening the breath, lead the body to relax and the mind to calm.
  • Better sleep: Not only thanks to the physical activity, but also thanks to the breath work and calming of the mind.
  • Improved stamina and energy
  • Improved digestion. Twists and Pranayama massage our internal organs, as well as deeper exhales which invite the parasympathetic system to work (one of its functions is to improve digestion).
  • Cleansing: Stimulating the lymph system to help rid the body of waste.
  • Cleansing: through breath work such as Kapalabhati breathing.
  • Stress relief: from breath to chanting, Yoga allows us to let go of stress, even if temporarily.
  • Toned muscles: yoga tends to extend the muscles as they work, resulting in more of a lean look rather than buffed.
  • Improved lung efficiency: With Pranayama work, we discover how to use more of our lungs in a more efficient way.
  • Improved circulation
  • Empowering: when we manifest a new pose, or learn to do an inversion or arm balance, we invite courage and a sense of power to life.
  • Balance: throughout the body, of energy channels and balancing of the left and right sides of the brain.
  • Stronger immune system. Yoga helps stimulate the parasympathetic system (one of its functions is to stimulate the immune system)
  • The benefits of yoga can be felt in the body, the breath, the mind and beyond. Some of the greatest benefits of yoga cannot be described here (sense of bliss beyond our conscious mind), but are a direct result to these benefits.

Keep practicing with no attachment to the results, and the fruit will appear on its own.

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