Flexitarian Principles – The Happiest Way to Be

Flexitarian™ principles lead to a happy, sustainable life!

A Flexitarian - Free Spirited
A Flexitarian – Free Spirited


“Are you a vegetarian?” I am often asked. “A flexitarian,” I answer.

A what?

Well, I could call it a healthatarian, a blissfultarian, or a joyfultarian, but I’ve decided on flexitarian™ because this describes my attitude of always acting with mindfulness but not adhering to rigid discipline.

My mission statement is simple: Live a healthy, active and joyful life; eat good, nutritious food; practice mindfulness, and celebrate life while minimizing stress and negative effects for yourself and your surroundings.

How is this done?

Choices are made in the best way according to each situation. This means that you have to practice awareness with all that you do. Some people have no problem being vegan and feel great with it. Other people may find that small amounts of eggs or even fish work better with their lifestyle, blood type or just overall health. We all have different constitutions and at different times have different needs.

When buying food, seek the best ingredients you can afford. Organic vegetables are a priority. Fruit comes next. Include some raw food as well as fermented food in every main meal. If buying animal products, then again, try to buy the best quality and the most humanely raised animals – grass fed, free range, and organic. If eating out, choose what will make you happy for the moment but will also allow you to feel good later in the day or the next morning on the yoga mat.

Will you have another drink? It is easy to say yes without thinking but important to really check and see how you feel now and to be honest with yourself about how you will feel later. At times this means you may decide to go home and eat your own home cooking or even eat something before you go out so you only consume small amounts of foods that do not truly serve you. When visiting others, try to make the best choices, but just like when traveling, if there is something new that you would not ordinarily eat because it’s not the healthiest option, you may decide to give it a try. Keeping an open mind is a key principle of being a flexitarian.

Awareness in Every Step
Awareness in Every Step

The most important element of the flexitarian lifestyle is awareness! Every decision is made with awareness and not out of conditioning.

The goal of the flexitarian is to be happy and content. It is not about following any one dogma, any one religion or a guru. There cannot be any one diet, any one yoga style, or one sequence that will suit us all the time, let alone suit all beings all the time. We each have different needs and these needs change constantly.

The flexitarian  invests some time in creating a toolbox. This is what this book is for. Educate yourself so you can make the best choices possible for each moment, while understanding that change is inevitable and thus the learning experience is ongoing as well. With the new toolbox, you will grow empowered and learn to carve your way, discovering the sculpture within.

We are all Humans, but still Unique
We are all Humans, but still Unique

Principles of the Flexitarian™

  1. Be happy – The goal of our being is to live in joy and share it with others.
  2. Do not harm – We seek joy with as little negative impact as possible on others, the planet or ourselves.
  3. See the big picture – Life is more than just your ego self. When you are willing to surrender into the greater energy, nothing is lacking.
  4. Be a whole person – In all that you do, consider the mind and spirit, as well as the physical body. Each part of us is fully a part of the whole; ignoring one part will surely lead to dis-ease.
  5. Stay balanced – Overall balance is a priority over temporary excitement. Maintain the balance from the root up, from the basics.
  6. Flow with nature – Allow the wisdom of nature and the universe to guide you. Listen to it, and follow the path of least resistance.
  7. Listen to your gut feelings – You know the answers; you just need to pay attention to the signs and the wisdom that is beyond the thinking mind.
  8. Listen to your body – It also has answers. Even answers to emotional problems are apparent when you are fully aware of the symptoms in the body.
  9. Prevent illness and suffering – Take action now to improve yourself on all levels, including being better for others, and you will prevent illness and suffering in the world.
  10. Empower yourself – Take responsibility for your life; your actions, words and thoughts create your future.

Knowing others is intelligence.

Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

(Lao Tzu)

Practical tools for health and happiness.
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