Meditation Foundations – Great tips to make it happen!

Meditation is really simple. It’s a feel good practice at first that develops into a beautiful state of surrender, where all the mundane drops away, worry disappears, and bliss abides. Here we eksplain meditation foundations to you.

Of course at first you may find yourself wandering off into the chattering mind, but with a bit of practice it develops into a sweet space of joy. Remember when you had tight hips? It took some practice to open them, right? Well the same goes for meditation. Just the fact that you commit to self-observation is already success.

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2 thoughts on “Meditation Foundations – Great tips to make it happen!

  1. Great Gil, hope you try it out sometime. Even 10 minutes is great, but I find that it sometimes takes me that much to just drop in. So I like 20 min as a good start for meditation.

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