Doron Yoga vinyasa warm up

The Doron Yoga vinyasa warm up is a great warm up for any yoga practice, or even just a simple practice for when you don’t have time to do a full practice. It warms up the core, the hips, the thighs, stretches the spine some, and gently creates heat and focus.

The Doron Yoga vinyasa warm up  sequence includes the low lunge and high lunge, together with vinyasas. Many times, when I am not ready to start from standing, I begin with some cat cow poses to warm up the spine, then go to down dog, and then I do the Doron Yoga Vinyasa Warm Up.

Even before all this,  I like to start with a seated meditation first for a few minutes, then I take some deep breaths, and only then begin this warm up.

You can modify the Doron Yoga vinyasa warm up slightly as needed to make it work for your body. Over time you can work on building it up to the full practice. You can also hold the poses longer if you need more time to open the hips.

You can follow this warm up with the The Doron Yoga vinyasa flow sun salute variations.

Make sure to do this slowly and with deep breathing. It is always better to work with a qualified teacher at first. See Doron Yoga Teachers here.

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The Doron Yoga Warm Up (Vinyasa Style)

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