Baddha Konasana – Open Your Hips Safely

Baddha Konasana – an efficient hip opener from the ashtanga primary series


Baddha konasana or Bound angle pose is a fantastic pose that helps release the adductors, and loosens up the hips. Open your hips! The hips play a huge roll in our movement of the entire body, and many have them tight due to the sedentary lifestyle of today.

Bound angle pose appears towards the end of the primary series, but I recommend you practice it anytime. It will actually help you with many poses that come before it. Baddha konasana is safe for everyone at any age. Just go slow with the forward movement of the back.

Practice this posea with patience and take your time. Stay still in it for long periods and you will see great results. If it is too much, especially if there is pain in the lower back, elevate your hips by sitting on a cushion or bolster.

More about poses and sequencing can be found here:

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