Stretch Off the Office Tightness – Beginners Yoga

Stretch Off the Office Tightness – Beginners Yoga for the inflexible. 

A simple 15 minute practice that leads you through easy to do movements and stretches to release the neck, head, shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles, knees and even hamstrings. I created this video on a day I felt like going easy, breathe deeply and really find release.

It does not take long, but is very useful. It is fun and allows you to even release into happy baby laughter. When I offer it, really let yourself go and laugh out loud.

Beginners yoga also includes a nice savasana. Make sure to relax into it and allow your self this minute and a half of peace and rest.

Beginners yoga is actually great for everyone. Practice it anytime you feel like deepening your stretching.



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