The Graceful Vinyasa Transitions Tutorial (video)

Vinyasa Transitions Tutorial

Vinyasa is placing the breath with the movement in a certain way. 

This tutorial will show you how to do a good vinyasa flow transition from chatturanga dandasana to upward facing dog, and from upward facing dog to downward facing dog.

Learning a good flowing system allows you to move more graceful, in line with your breath, and without the need to adjust your feet during and after the transition. It makes the practice more graceful and smooth.

To do the vinyasa transition lower down into the chatturanga and then roll forward with your body and legs, through the arms, lifting the belly and lifting the chest, stretching your entire back.The movement forward allows the rolling over the toes.

To roll back from upward facing dog, to downward facing dog, lift up in the shoulders using your core, lift the hips, and then roll back over the toes, into the downward facing dog.


A great book that helps with sequencing and vinyasa:

Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes

Here is the video tutorial with the tips and tricks for vinyasa transitions,, so you can see it in action:

For for deeper understanding of yoga check out the Doron Yoga Manual – one the most practical ways to master yoga.

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