Bhujapidasana – How to Do the Shoulder Squeezing Pose Arm Balance

How to Do the Bhujapidasana or Shoulder Squeezing Pose Arm Balance

Bhujapidasana,the arm or shoulder squeezing pose, is a fun and challenging arm balance from the ashtanga vinyasa primary series. It requires open hips, strength and focus. But with some understanding of the physics of the pose and the movement of the hips it can be much easier to master.

            Bhujapidasana – Step 1
Bhujapidasana Step 2
         Bhujapidasana Step 2








Together with Vanessa Veiock, Doron shows the tricks, tips that make Bhujapidasana accessible, and gives technical advise on how to balance and transition in and out of this pose. You can add a blanket or cushion in front of your head if you are afraid of falling over.


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Enjoy, breathe and keep practicing!

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Guest yogini star Vanessa Veiock: Instagram @wanderasana

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