Stretch your hamstrings with Janu Sirsasana A

How to do Janu Sirsasana A

Learn how to do Janu Sirsasana A (head to knee pose) and stretch your hamstrings, psoas and lower back muscles. . It’s a forward fold over one leg from the ashtanga vinyasa system of Pattabhi Jois. Stretching over one leg is usually a bit easier on the hamstrings and lower back, yet people still get injured if not practicing correctly.

Though a simple pose, there are many details to this pose in order to do it properly and safely. Doing it right makes it more challenging, for those that are pretty flexible. Doron also shows modifications for those of us that feel stiff. Enjoy this nice relaxing forward fold.

Here is a video so you can see it in action:

 Check out the Doron Yoga Manual which includes detailed description of most common poses, learn about Ayurveda, subtle energy, pranayama and meditation. It is one the most practical ways to master yoga.

Enjoy, breathe and keep practicing!

The Yoga Bible is a great book that you can use as a guide to yoga postures.The yoga bible book




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