Handstands Preparation That Will Help You Dramatically

2 Handstands Preparation That Will Help You Dramatically

This educational handstands preparation video will show you how to do handstands more easily. The video below demonstrates two handstand workout preparations that are great to build up the right strength and body awareness for handstands. These handstand preparations show specific core work that mimics the actual pose, and some core/shoulder strength.

They are accessible for all level students, and are great for toning the body, even if you never want to do a handstand.

Practice the handstand preparation three times each, four days a week, to see fast results.

To see it in action look at the video below. Practice with care and enjoy!

For deeper understanding of yoga, more explanations of yoga poses and sequencing practices, check out the Doron Yoga Manual – one the most practical ways to master yoga.

Enjoy, breathe and keep practicing!

You can learn how to do headstands with this book. It answers the questions we all really have about the handstand and address the big handstand problem: fear

The 15-Second Handstand: A Beginner’s Guide

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