Crow Pose – Bakasana: Techniques to Make It Easy

Crow Pose – Bakasana: How to Make It Easy

Crow pose or bakasana, is the classic and basic arm balance. It seems harder than it actually is. I have helped countless people into their first crow pose / bakasana, and many times it was just a matter of understanding the technique and getting over the initial fear.

Bakasana - crow pose
Bakasana – crow pose

 This video will help you understand the physics of bakasana so you can do it easily. It’s not about being super strong, just knowing how to move your hips and chest. As for the fear part, put a big fat pillow in front of you just in case.

I’ll explain here every step, and demonstrated the basic as well as advanced variations. Enjoy!

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2100 asanas - crow pose

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