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How to Give Great Hands on Assists

Hands on assists or adjustments are such a great way to connect with your student. Keep them safe, correct alignment, take them deeper or share love with them. Sometimes the touch simply helps bring them back to the present moment – which is an important role of the teacher.

Hands on are powerful and can make a big difference in the students practice. Practicing Mysore style Ashtanga, was all about hands on adjustments, and I love getting them. However, the quality of the touch and more so the intention of the touch is very important.

Make sure you know why you are touching them, what is the purpose? Do you know in which direction you are putting pressure? Are you grabbing on to their body or simply touching just as much as is needed? When the student feels that you are taking them to safer or deeper place, and it feels good, they will now question where your hands are. That’s why the intention is so important.

So if you are a teacher, learn to do them well, as they can be either amazing or harming. In the video I am demonstrating a few key yoga poses and the proper way to assist in them.

For better insight on hands on assists, read: Yoga’s Touch: Hands-On Adjustments, Alignment & Verbal Cues With more than 40 common yoga postures, plus detailed instructions. This is an easy-to-use reference book designed to empower you to be a more effective, versatile and confident teacher.

And now to the video tutorial:

Want to learn more about the principles of assisting, when and how? Have a super tool for sequencing? Learn the language for explaining a pose? Check out the Doron Yoga Manual for an extensive guide to all things yoga including mind training and meditation.

Hands on assists


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