The Yoga Lifestyle – 40+ Fitness Podcast Radio Show

The Yoga Lifestyle – 40+ Fitness Podcast Radio Show

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40+ fitness show banner – interview with Doron Hanoch of Doron Yoga

Doron Hanoch comes to the 40+ Fitness Podcast radio show to discuss his book, the Yoga Lifestyle. We go beyond the basics of the physical yoga practice and explore ways to take yoga outside the studio and off the mat.

One of the main things Doron emphasises is that if you want to develop discipline and get the benefits of yoga, you have to show up. Don’t worry about what you may or may not accomplish that day, but get into the habit of making sure you are there,  and then just be present.  The benefits will come.

Doron Discusses the benefits of yoga, how to live with less suffering and even offers a breathing technique for relaxation and falling asleep quickly.

The Yoga Lifestyle - Doron Hanoch
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Below is the link where you can listen to Dorons radio show interview

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