Warrior Transitions the Zen Way

Warrior Transitions the Zen Way

Warrior transitions — from Warrior One to Warrior Two — are usually about hips and knees. Here I focus on the drsti (gaze), the mind, concentration. The balance of power and softness. How to move the energy and yet stay calm and relaxed. Warrior transitions the Zen way.

Transitions in Practice

Coming to the top of the mat, we’re going to step the left foot back and go into the Warrior 1. Try to get the hips somewhat squared forward – less alignment, more mindfulness practice today. Gaze up at the right hand, take a big inhale and with a slow motion, exhale opening up to Warrior 2. Keep the gaze on your right hand. Find that energy: arms reaching out, shoulders back. Then we’re going to step forward. Now step the right foot back. Again, try and adjust the hips finding our Warrior 1. Gaze at the left hand and in slow motion, opening Warrior 2. Arms powerful; shoulders relaxed; mind is steady. Release, coming forward.

We’re going to do it again on the right side, so right foot forward, left foot back going to Warrior 1. Exactly. It’s that slow movement of the arms. It’s stretching the movement as long as your breath is. As Vanessa exhales, she slowly opens to Warrior 2. You can see her gaze is locked at her right hand – focus, presence, like stretching a bow. You can see the beautiful power of the arms and the softness of the shoulders. Even her transition coming forward: release the hands coming forward slow and steady.

Second side, she’ll step the right foot back. Even now as she comes up to Warrior 1, slow, steady, her gaze follows her arms. She comes up nice and smooth, keeping present she’ll take a big inhale and with the exhale Vanessa slowly opens to Warrior 2. I’m not worried so much about the lower body, just really that presence and mindfulness. Slowly coming back to the front of the mat. That’s it.

Transitions in Practice

In transitions in general and reality, everything in life is a transition. Every yoga pose is a transition. When we’re breathing, when we’re practicing nothing is really static even when we believe it is. We have to practice being present, that slowing down a tiny bit to cultivate the true yoga, to really come to that place where our practice is not just gymnastics running through things. Practice transition consciously. Thanks for doing it so amazingly beautiful. Namaste.

Perfect Transitions in a DYZC Retreat/TTC

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