Cappuccino Pose Balancing Hip Opener

A standing balance pose, Cappuccino is a hip opener, builds strength, stretches the hips, and improves focus and leg power. This pose prepares for arm balances and advanced poses.

Cappuccino Pose Balancing Hip Opener

Welcome to Doron Yoga. Today we’ll learn to do the Cappuccino Pose. It’s an awesome balancing hip opener. It’s also great preparation for the Eka Pada Galavasana – the arm balance. This is fine for all levels.

Starting to shift weight onto the left leg, we’re going to lift the right leg and place the ankle over the knee, on the thigh. You can keep the hands at the heart; or at the hip, if it’s easier. Begin to lower down, moving the hips back and down, not the knee forward but the hips back and down. Consider flexing the right foot. This helps protect the knee, especially if you have some form of knee injury. Then bring the hands either to the heart.

Keep your bandhas working, your belly lifted slightly in and up; more importantly your pelvic floor lifted. Gaze is very steady. Slowly take your time, lift up and release with control.

We’re going to work on the second side, so bring up the left leg, placing the ankle over the knee and starting to lower the hips back and down while flexing the left foot to protect the knee. Gaze is still very steady. Try to lift up a little bit in your chest so that you can have more space to breath. After a few breaths, we’re going to lift up and release.


Thanks for watching everyone. Please share this with your friends. Let them enjoy this as well. Hit like on Doron Yoga’s YouTube channel, and even leave a comment there or here on the Doron Yoga blog post. Learn more about this pose and many others during our yoga teacher training in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan. See you soon!


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