Why do we Practice Yoga in Nature?

At the Doron Yoga and Zen Center, we believe that being in nature re-connects us to Earth and the vital energy that sustains us. We practice yoga in nature to remember where we came from. We practice yoga in nature to allow the power of Nature to flow through us. 
Yoga is an ancient art, dating back 5000 years. It began in Northern India, where the world’s tallest mountains inspired wisdom and spirituality to flourish. The Doron Yoga and Zen Center combines yoga and Zen with a practical and holistic approach. This combination allows us to change our lifestyles to focus on important qualities, such as authenticity, honesty, responsibility and simplicity. Tzununá, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala combines fierce volcanoes, serene lakes, and a happily flowing stream. This makes for the perfect place to practice both Zen and Yoga.  It is also next door to the spiritual center of San Marcus La Laguna.

Practice Yoga in Nature


Flowing Water and Relaxation

According to the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, proximity to the coast had a positive correlation with self-reports of good health and lower stress. The sound of flowing water lets us know that we have access to the most important resource for life. There is an evolutionary response of inner peace that arises from being around water. Anxieties arise as a matter of survival. If we know there is water, there is less need to feel anxious. 

Our hearts naturally sync to the rhythm of flowing water. This is the same way it did in the womb, where we were surrounded by flowing sounds. This creates a feeling of warmth, comfort and safety. Scientists are still uncertain of exactly why water creates such a tranquil feeling, but the relaxing effects of water are undisputed. The yoga shala at the DYZC is located right near the river, so you can tune in to the sound of flow.

Volcanic Mountains and Transcendence

Perfecting your yoga poses by a lake will create a feeling of calm. In addition, nature can really awaken us spirituality through its incomprehensibly powerful character. The spiritual influence of the Guatemalan landscape dates back to the Ancient Mayans, whose gods represented natural phenomena such as lightning (Chac), fire (Itzamná) and serpents (Kukulcán).

These concepts of Mayan gods are possibly due to the influence of volcanoes, which are both terrifying and awe-inspiring. In aesthetics, this feeling is known as the ‘Sublime’, which is something so great that it makes the observer feel close to transcendence. In other words, something beyond everyday experience. This feeling can be extremely humbling, yet empowering. The Guatemalan mountains contain much strength, but that doesn’t need to make us feel small or weak. This strength can be harnessed by the human mind through yoga. So put on your hiking boots and wander deep into the unknown. 

Nature is powerful, mystical, and beautiful. It holds the qualities and secrets that spiritual wanderers seek. Remoteness assists concentration and focus, making it the ideal place in which to practice yoga and reconnect with the world and the universe.


Thanks for reading! Come practice yoga in nature with us in Tzununá, Guatemala at the Doron Yoga and Zen Center.

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  1. Beautiful! You have the ultimate setting for yoga, and life in general. It’s a nice reminder to spend time in nature as much as possible.

    1. Thanks Gil! DYZC guests are certainly able to enjoy yoga and nature simultaneously here. We hope all of our Doron Yoga followers will come experience it for themselves!

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