200 & 300 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

With Doron Hanoch and Edna Barr

300+/500 Hours Teacher Training

July 15 – August 13, 2018

Doron Assisting Diana - 300 Hour Vinyasa Teacher

What makes Doron absolutely unique and gifted is his ability to bring out the best teacher in all of us. It is one thing to know the content and it is a completely different thing to be able to present the information so well that students can develop the practice that works best for them. I completed the 300 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training which really transformed my life and teaching.
Lauren AnasDoron helped me find my voice, confidence, presence and grace as a teacher. His
curriculum is brilliant, and has helped me understand yoga on all levels. From a physical point of view, Doron helped me gain an enormous amount of strength and stability. I went from being insecure in inversions to flying high in almost all of them. I eat better, I meditate daily, my relationships are healthy and loving, and my life overall has dramatically changed for the better since I did his training. Yes, you will learn how to be a teacher. In fact, you will learn how to be a great teacher from Doron.
I teach full-time in the Bay Area as well and every time I get up and teach, I am constantly reminded that teaching is a breath by breath practice of presenting what I love with my students. Doron is passionate, intelligent, detail-oriented, a magnificent practitioner and honestly an encyclopedia of knowledge that will help you grow into a teacher and in turn significantly touch every other aspect of your life. Whether you are doing the training for just your own curiosity or to become a teacher, it is one of the most amazing gifts you can offer yourself. – Lauren Alyne Anas – 500 hour graduate – Palo Alto, CA.

The 300 hour Doron Vinyasa Teacher Training is the next step on your teaching path. First of all, it is catered for those wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga on all its facets, then it is designed to improve teaching skills, and last it is meant to help you with the business of yoga.

Many parts of the training are meant to help you navigate your individual path of yoga – Both personally and as a teacher. We will help you craft your business plan and teaching methods, to make you a powerful, strong, and sustainable teacher – mentally and economically.

To understand better the Doron Yoga teacher training system, please read the 200 hour yoga teacher training page.

Grateful for the moment
Doron Hanoch, Grateful for the moment

What to Expect in the 300-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training?

  • Deepen and expand your understating of yoga as a whole.
  • Enliven your spiritual practice, and become an example for others to follow.
  • Develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of yoga as a way of life. We will use elements from Doron’s new book “ The yoga life style.”
  • Refine your practice, and learn to flow with grace.
  • Master the Doron Yoga building blocks so that you can sequence a class in your sleep, and modify effortlessly as needed.
  • Expand your ability to sequence for specific themes.
  • Fine-tune your understanding of asanas including their alignment, intention, modifications and energetic alignments.
  • Learn how to modify classes for specific injuries or needs.
  • Understand the fine details of energy work and how to use it in your daily life.
  • Understand better the practical anatomy of poses, and how to use this for better hands on adjustments.
  • Learn about the 4 stages of life and the 4 aims of life. How can these apply for us today?
  • Learn how to balance flexibility and stability in the spine in every category of yoga posture.
  • Learn how the principal teachings of Buddhism relate to the principal teachings of the Yoga Tradition.
  • Learn how to clearly explain poses to students. From breaking it down to putting it back together so it works for all levels of students.
  • Learn how to practice and teach advanced backbends such as drop backs, scorpion, king pigeon, and more.
  • Learn how to adopt on the spot for a variety of unexpected situations that happen during classes.
  • Learn the subtle elements of the primary and second series of ashtanga vinyasa.
  • Learn about teaching in a variety of settings – yoga studios, gyms, corporates and private students.
  • Learn how to build a workshop or plan a retreat, including all business layers.
  • Learn about the business of yoga. Basic website guidelines, social media and best practices to run a successful yoga teacher business.
  • Learn the true meaning of yoga, beyond styles and brands. What is it really all about?
  • Zen, dualism vs. non-duality? Can they coexist?
  • Gain extensive teaching experience through being an apprentice, mentoring and teaching practice.
    Edna Barr Headless headstand

Is this program for you?

  • Do you recognize that there is always more to study and practice?
  • Are you excited to become a better teacher?
  • Do you love ashtanga and vinyasa, and want to learn other elements from other traditions as well?
  • Do you want to learn how to do and teach advanced asanas such as arm balances, inversions and backbends?
  • Do you want to learn the short cuts to success?
  • Are you ready to deepen your spiritual practice, and dive deeper into understanding the universal energies?
  • Are you happy to share your energy with other enthusiastic and willing yogis?
  • Are you ready for a greater transformation in your life?
  • Do you want to become a master teacher?
  • Are you willing to drop judgment and explore more of who you really are?
  • Are you ready to work hard and have some fun?

Join us at the Doron Yoga & Zen Center at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala from July 15 – August 13, 2018! Phase 1 runs from July 15 – 29, 2018; Phase 2 from July 29 – August 13, 2018. Applicants can encourage to participate in the full 4 week course this year but also have the option to register for Phase 1 this year and complete Phase 2 next year. This year’s 300 hour TTC starts from $3,497, all-inclusive! (Additional pricing details are listed on the registration form.)

I am interested in the Guatemala 300hr TTC (Application form – Word doc download)

Edna Barr assisting a student

Structure of 300 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training


  • Asana Technique & Teaching Methods: We will cover all major poses taught in yoga classes, their alignment principles, correct breathing, drsti and transitioning, as well as, modifications, adjustments, physical risks, emotional and energetic effects, counter poses, and assists. We will cover the warm ups, sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, core strengthening, arm balancing, hip openers, back bends, forward folds, inversions, twists and savasana!
  • Practical Yoga History & Philosophy: Learn the first 2 chapters of the yoga sutras of Patanjali in-depth. We will cover the spiritual psychology as well as the layers of samadhi. We will look at the different types of yoga that the Bhagavad Gita teaches us, as well as how to use them in classes and life. We will look at the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, touch on Jnana yoga, practice bhakti yoga, and look at the 4 noble truths of Buddhism.
  • Practical Yoga Anatomy: Learn the correct and safe alignment for the all the main poses. Understand the spine movements in a variety of poses, the importance of the hips and how they affect the rest of the body, the functioning of the entire core area and the relationship between the different body parts. Understand improved alignment for a sustainable practice.
  • Advanced Class Planning & Sequencing: Learn to sequence for different level classes, from beginners to advanced. Learn to create classes according to the season, the environment, the audience and the intention. Refine time management.
  • Pranayama, Practice & Teaching: Dive deeper into the practice of pranayama. Learn the basics of the breathing practices for yourself as well as how to teach it to others. Learn to create full pranayama practices and how to sequence them for different levels.
  • Subtle Energy & Anatomy: Understand the chakras and their practical implementations as tool for assessing our body and mind. Go deeper into the subtleties of our body, and how it relates to outer energies. Understand the koshas, chakras, nadis, vayus and gunas.
  • Meditation Practices: Learn advanced meditation practices, and investigate how to create quicker results. Explore solutions for the Citta vrttis? Learn how to deal with resistance? Zen vs yoga vs Tibetan, what to choose?
  • Ayurveda & The Yoga Lifestyle: Yoga beyond the mat. Learn how to set practical systems in order to keep the practice alive. Learn about tongue scraping and oil pulling, about the use of neti pot. Refine your knowledge of yourself, your body and mind, using the Ayurvedic health system. Learn how to use this system to work with other friends and family. Create systems for them, and understand how to offer them diet and lifestyle improvements.
  • Ethics & Relating to Students: Yoga ethics goes beyond sexual conduct. There are implications to how we speak to students, how we sell our classes, and how we use language and touch. Establishing of priorities and boundaries. Understand your dharma and set new standards for you as a teacher.
  • Observation & Critical Thinking: Observe classes as well as other teachers in the program, and learn to understand both the students as well as the teachers. Learn observation techniques in order to read bodies and know how to adjust and modify accordingly.
  • Demonstration and Proper Language: Learn how to demonstrate correctly, how to explain and teach poses while demonstrating, and how to choose the right language to make it crystal clear to the student how to achieve what you are explaining. Learn how to incorporate humor in class, and do it in a non-offensive way. It is an art to explain poses in a way that the student actually gets it, and this may be one of the greatest secrets (after sequencing, humor and hands on) why students will follow you.
  • Hands on Assists & Verbal Cues: Learn precise hand on assists, when to use them and how. Learn a variety of verbal cues, how and when to use them, and how to combine them with Hands on assists.
  • Teaching Practice: You are already probably teaching classes. Now you will get to share your experience teaching, and get direct mentoring to understand the little differences that make or break a class. Get insight on how to improve your classes, use better language or demonstration.
  • The Business of Yoga:  You are a teacher and you need to make a living. Learn how to teach privates, how to plan and lead a retreat or a workshop, how to get classes and how to manage online media, from web to YouTube. 

Practice, Mentoring and Apprenticing:

  1. Practice hours (20 classes – 30-40 hours)
  2. Mentored Teaching: You are required to be teaching your own classes. In doing so, you will be mentored through weekly exchanges with Doron and faculty, via in-person conversations, Skype or email exchanges regarding any questions or issues that may come up in your teaching.
  3. Apprenticing: Observing and assisting classes, Doron or other approved teachers. Includes review with the teacher.
  4. Thesis – In Depth Study: The +300/500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Guatemala program offers you an opportunity to go deeper are really master an area of yoga that is especially interesting for you as a teacher. You will choose a topic for research, in-depth study, and thesis. Doron and faculty will help you design a format that will work for you. This may include readings, elective workshops, self-study, study groups and writing.

300 Hour Vinyasa Teacher with Doron

Optional Topics for Your Thesis:

  • Philosophy and History: Buddhist philosophy, koans, meditations and practices,  The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Tantra philosophy as it was in the east and west. Hatha yoga origins and development.
  • Yoga Therapy: Developing a comprehensive assessment plan, followed by a program for specific needs and injuries. Teaching students with scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis and other spinal issues. Teaching yoga to people in pain. Teaching yoga to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology: Anatomy of the spine and shoulder girdle, anatomy of the pelvic girdle. Anatomy and physiology of respiration. Subtle anatomy (koshas, prana, nadis, chakras), and how they apply to a yoga class. Pranayama the practice and teaching.
  • Specialized Teaching: Pre- and postnatal teachings, teaching seniors, teaching in institutions (prisons, schools, rehab centers), yoga for the disabled.
  • The art of Sequencing: Traditional energetics of sequencing, including: koshas, nadis, chakras, meridians, doshas, seasons. Specific sequencing: for peak asanas, workshops, themes, and specific groups of students, privates and different energetic effects. Sequencing yin and therapeutic yoga classes.
  • Chanting, mantra, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques: Bhakti yoga, tradition and today. Meditation practices in specific traditions, techniques and solutions for specific issues. Kriyas and other hatha yoga practices.


  • 200-Hour yoga teacher certification from a credible source
  •  Minimum of 3 years of practice

Advanced Certification Exam

  1. Written exam – a comprehensive exam that covers all material studied.
  2. Teaching exam – Includes sequencing, language, demonstration, hands on, overall experience of class.

With successful completion of both exams you are awarded the 500-hour Advanced Doron Yoga Teacher Certificate, and may apply to Yoga Alliance for the RYT 500 Registry. 

I am interested in the Guatemala 300hr advanced yoga teacher training course (Application form – Word doc download)


Buy this Ashtanga Yoga book (Gregor Maehle) for the 500-hour level. It is especially great for the wonderful description of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

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