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As a Jane Snyderphysician I have spent over a decade of my life learning how to alleviate physical suffering. I have witnessed first hand the myriad ways in which the body can break down. I have written countless prescriptions and resuscitated hundreds of patients. After witnessing many deaths I began to see differences between those in a state of mental peace and those in conflict. From these intimate experiences came the sincere belief that although disease is a terrible thing, nothing compares to suffering in the mind. Nowhere in over ten years of training did I learn how to quiet and comfort the mind–the source of all pain–physical and otherwise.

Doron is an unusually aware individual. He has a talent for managing large diverse groups and also for sensing and flexibly addressing individual needs. Combining his broad foundation in Eastern traditions including Zen Buddhism and yoga with his background in nutrition and art Doron creates a flexible and tailored approach to personal wellness. His warmth, sensitivity and non judgmental attitude help encourage each person to smile, relax and ultimately reach the greatest bliss of all–a state of peace where the mind is free of all attachments and where fear does not exist. – Dr. Jane Snyder, CA

When I first attended Doron’s yoga I have Jacqualeine Kayenever been introduced to the Mysore style, nor had I ever experienced the luxury of being close to my teacher. Doron’s mysore helped me establish a practice that was uniquely my own. The Ashtanga sequence, after seven weeks, has become so engrained in my mind that instead of ‘forgetting’ to practice, I spend half the day planning a time that I can do so. I could not have asked for a better teacher than Doron; he is easy to talk to and takes a personal interest in each of his students. Doron treats me – and all his students – with the utmost kindness and compassion. Doron is one of the few teachers who cares whole-heartedly about each one of his students. It is impossible not to love him. The Ashtanga sequence has become an essential part of my life. – Jacquelin Kaye. New Zealand


Over the past four years I’ve battled a series of injuries and other setbacks that sucked the life (the fun) out of my athletic career, and it had been a long time since I had managed to find “the Zone,” in training or competition. Starting up a yoga practice under your warm, friendly guidance was the smartest, most valuable and rewarding thing I’ve done this year. The benefits were immediate and obvious. My ability to handle stress and adversity – not just in training and competition, but also in everyday life – skyrocketed pretty much overnight. After just two or three sessions, I found myself falling into a happy, positive mental space in training, and by the end of ten sessions I’d collected a number of great race results and, more importantly, great race experiences. Finally, being an elite athlete is fun again. I am so deeply appreciative. Thank you!!  – Kelly Crowley – Paralympic swimming gold medalist, Professional cyclist


I thoroughly enjoyed every class I attended with you and I was always surprised at the end of class because it seemed that it ended too soon. I am also a yoga teacher and I have tried to emulate your style of teaching as you are so knowledgeable, kind and truly inspirational.  You have been a mentor to me without knowing it.  Thank you for the impact you have had on my life and my teaching. – Louis, Palo Alto


As a dancer and a current yoga teacher, I enjoy the dynamic movement of the body and find myself drawn to teachers that emphasize freedom of expression in the body, while at the same time paying special attention to the safety of the students and their individual needs. Doron immediately impressed me with his ability to creatively and safely sequence his class, involving variations of poses that allows students of all levels to feel challenged and welcomed. What has kept me returning to class after class is the journey that occurs within myself. Doron uses a balance of wit, simple articulation to guide us through the class, and hands-on adjustments that not only help me understand the action of the pose better but creates a level of opening and awareness in my body that leaves me feeling light, open, and CONNECTED. This feeling at the end of class has translated into my life outside of the studio …Doron offers a refreshing and unique perspective on life, on the body, on being …a class one is likely to never forget and a teacher that continues to inspire everyone around him. – Lauren Anas, Yoga Teacher, Palo Alto, CA

What makes Doron Hanoch so phenomenal is his loving kindness for each and every student while imparting the knowledge and skills they each need and he does so with calmness and humor. – Lorraine G. Moore, Menlo Park Workshop

Today, several members insisted on speaking with me after our Noon classes, and wanted to extend their genuine appreciation for your class.  They had not met you before, however (as the members noted),   “…Doron greeted everyone, established the range of participant abilities, then progressed into class as though we had worked with him for years.  We were taken down entirely new paths with what we thought we knew.” – Scott – Group Fitness Manager, JCC Palo Alto

Joelle DeroyDoron is an extraordinarily sensitive person, seeking truth in his work and in his life. He has a unique sensuality which is clear to see not only in his photographs, but also in his sense of cooking and in his yoga practice. His work brings together the different venues of his experiences and thus can be read at different levels.” – Joelle Deroy – Artist, NY/Paris


Jen Delany“I’ve had two private sessions with Doron seeking both yoga and nutrition/mind-body advice. Both times I left a different woman. Doron’s candor, illuminating warmth and guiding messages have continued to resonate with me. If you are seeking to reconnect with your spirit and your strengths, look no farther. Doron will elevate you to a higher level and perhaps reorient you towards your best life path.” – Jen Delaney – Physical Therapist and  Certified Pilates instructor.

Rachel W.Doron is an exceptional teacher! Expect strong, but steady practice in which you exercise the right effort by engaging the right muscles while intensely focusing on the right breathing and the right drishti (concentrated gazing point) at all times. Expect a strong class spirit. People seem to know each other here, know the end-of-class chant (which is beautiful, by the way), and everyone likes Doron (duh). But there’s no creepy, uncomfortable “cult” feeling that I once got from another teacher’s class. You’d actually learn things, work your body and mind (ashtanga-based), and 90 minutes later, walk out of the studio in a cloud of bliss. Doron does not hesitate to correct your posture when you do it wrong and he is generous with praise when you do things right. I’m gonna be super generous, too, whenever I come across a superb, terrific yoga teacher. Some top-notch teachers are egomaniacs but he is not. He is humble, warm, and friendly, which is all the more inspiring.

If you are looking for a strong and steady practice grounded in Ashtanga tradition but with playful variations, plus clear and articulate instructions of proper, sound alignments, go to his classes. I think he is an exceptional teacher, giving much attention to teaching and guiding, a far cry from some “advanced” yogis who just stay in front of the room shouting out orders. His classes are both invigorating and rejuvenating; strong but also introspective; intense, and yet calming. (Haha I sound like his PR but I am not. I am just an ordinary student who have enjoyed and benefited tremendously from his classes and sincerely want to share that with my fellow yoga mates.) Rachel W. Yelp Review

Vidya NarayanAs a beginner, I was very nervous when I walked into this high level class of Doron at Nandi, but when Doron personally came to me ,welcomed me with his gentle talk (which he does to every new comer in his class) I found myself so comfortable from the very next second..very magically I did great in the class with efficient instructions, along with the most highly capable mates, I flew gracefully with the practice and walked out with great confidence…what I personally feel is we not only learn yoga through his teaching but also learn how to be humble as we grow in our lives…I am blessed ..trust me, take one class of his and you would be waiting for his next class to happen !!!

P.S..Doron, your website is a place that I visit everyday to read more inspiring things that you did and encourage myself to do better things to make my life happy and healthier, please keep doing more and more wonderful things with your profound teachings and fill light into lives of people like me ! Namaste, – Vidya Narayan, San Mateo, CA.

Angela ButtonI wanted to send you a little thank you note. Last night was just what the doctor ordered. I left feeling refreshed, energized, calm and collective, and with a new spirit. I slept like a baby too. Today has been a good day and I feel that my SMILE is back within me. You’re an amazing teacher, listener and healer. I’m sure you get this a lot, but I thought I’d tell you anyhow. My sister, Rachael, was very happy to hear the results were exactly what she imagined. Angela Button, CA. Theraputic yoga private.

Annie Seymour

Doron, I literally lay a lotus flower at your feet. You are such a thoughtful, articulate, wise, authentic and inspiring soul and I feel ridiculously lucky to learn from you. Annie Seymour, UK.

Doron made everyone feel welcome by personally greeting them before the start of the class (as in, he will walk up to your mat and pat you on the shoulder and talk to you). Two things I really loved about his class were: 1. the balance between expending physical energy and introspection. He makes sure everyone is having fun and working hard (He will adjust your pose or offer you a deeper variation if he thinks you can go further), but also takes the time at certain moments to encourage thinking about our lives and setting intentions of improvement or change through the poses. 2. He explains the poses quickly but thoroughly — sometimes I get too caught-up in certain parts of the pose, and it’s always nice to have reminders about squaring your hips, not locking your joints or dropping your shoulder blades and relaxing the face, etc. I left the class with more of an appreciation for poses that I knew from before. The amount of dedication he leads you to put into each pose made the final shavasana (which he also gave enough time to, unlike some other classes I’ve been to) feel great. Yelp review on Peacebank Yoga page.

Monica Restivo

After spending several hours with you last Saturday, I felt so thoroughly grounded in the 3 pillars of yoga, which prior to your workshop I hadn’t known!.. Anyway, the next day I took a Bikram class at Yoga Source in Palo Alto, and found myself really focused – on my breath, my gaze, and my uddiyana bandha in particular. What a wonderful class it was, because I had trained the day before, with vigor and precision and fun. Thank you for helping me transform my practice! – Monica Restivo – Tristana workshop (Foundations of Vinyasa) Redwood City

Julia OlsenI was always somewhat lost and unclear of who I was. I viewed everything slightly negatively and when I became paralyzed after a car accident, everything shattered. It wasn’t until Doron came along that I was able to focus on the beauty of every moment instead of obsessing over my final goal of walking. Doron taught me that a healthy mind wasn’t something that could only be achieved through a meditation together, but is a practice that is carried out through every movement and thought. I want to thank you Doron for freeing me from my own limitations. The teachings over the year and so months I worked with Doron are irreplaceable and is something I will be looking for guidance to for years to come. again, thank you Doron. – Julia Olsen, Foster City, CA.

I dropped in on two of your Peacebank yoga classes and was amazed! I have only been practicing yoga for a few years, but somehow felt your classes greatly deepened everything I have learned so far.  Warmly, and thank you for your inspirational and challenging classes!! Anne B.

Stacy DryerThank you again for an amazing session today. I really feel as though you are one of the truly great teachers of my life. In fact, you’ve taught me a lesson that I really needed to learn – namely, it’s OK to do something even if you’re not good at it … and by doing it consistently, you can actually get better over time. While I know I’ll never be a yoga master, because of you, I have learned how to get tremendous value and joy out of my yoga practice. You have given me a wonderful gift and I thought you should know. – Stacy Dryer, San Jose – Private sessions

Michal Barnea

I walked into a private session with Doron never having met him and left two hours later feeling like he knew me better than people I have known for years. His presence eased the malaise in my mind , body and spirit and his knowledge empowered me with the ability to continue to do the same for myself and those around me. I was hooked. I immediately scheduled another two sessions and weeks later am still feeling like a more actualized version of my best self. Thank you Doron (and mom) for this wonderful gift. – Michal Barnea Smith, Palo Alto, CA and NYC

Leedy EllacerI just want to thank you for all that I learned from you since I took yoga classes with you earlier this year. Before I was convinced by my friend to take yoga, I had pain in my lower back that never went away. Not to disregard the other instructors at Peacebank, but it is only you that keeps reminding me to breathe and lift the core, to support the lower back. Thank you, because the pain in my lower back is gone. Even when I am driving, or standing at the line in the grocery store, I remember your voice, “breathe” and “the core”. Thank you for letting me appreciate yoga. – Leedy Enacer, Redwood City, CA

Jordan KerstenYou are such a wonderful teacher, and I truly enjoyed being in your class today! seeing you always brightens my day.:) – Jordan Kersten, Peaccebank CA

Just wanted to tell you how really excellent the workshop was yesterday. I felt like you really had a tight hold on the subject and it’s presentation. Tristana, Foundations of Yoga workshop. – Denise Daly, RWC, CA

This website is so unbelievable! I recognize your level of awareness, that your talk is not just a bunch of words. Thank you for devoting all this time to yoga. Joe Raiganis. Redwood City, CA

Sophia MaoYou are a bless to the yoga community. I like the tricks and alignment that I learned today. I will keep those in mind when I practice. Sophia Mao, CA

While reading the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and looking around at my own practice, I feel especially grateful to have a teacher such as you who really cares to get to know their students and to have your own style. To be so genuine and to let your self affect those around you in such a positive way. Thank you Doron. – Dolly Lee, CA

Neva Hutchinson I am swept away by your consistency in instruction and your positive attitude. I feel I learn from you not only yoga, but also a way to approach problems and difficulties that appear in my life. I find that when I’m struggling in class, I’m reminded how my students must be struggling when I’m teaching them acting concepts and Shakespeare. You use positive energy to get students through the rough spots. You use humor and nurturing as a way to approach challenges that seem great. I just want you to know that I really appreciate you Doron, and sing your praises to almost everyone I meet! – Namaste, Neva Hutchinson, CA

For the first time I got onto the arm balance with one leg out in back and held it for a good 7 seconds feeling strong – your suggestion on how to do it was really the trick! I know 7 seconds sounds short but it has never been done by this body before. Thank you for being a phenomenal teacher! – Yvonne Woo, CA

Kristin TomI wanted to tell you that your class was absolutely wonderful. I love that you incorporated those lessons to take off the mat, kept it lighthearted but maintained the integrity of the practice. Beautiful job, thank you for a lovely class. We are so lucky to have you at Peacebank Yoga. – Kristine Tom, Yoga Instructor and mamager Redwood City.

Jessica WeissDoron is a patient, warm, and attentive teacher who masterfully creates a supportive environment where students can explore their limitations and possibilities, with mindfulness and a light heart. Under his guidance, I was able to let go of attachment to results and instead focus completely on the process of the practice. The dynamic of Mysore — a group practice with individualized pace — is quite unique. But the true gift of the class was not the style of yoga, but the rare, special presence of a teacher who truly knows and can attend to body, heart and mind.” – Jessica W. San Francisco

Alicia McLucasWith all my heart, I want to thank you for sharing yourself with our group. It was a lovely experience participating in and observing your blissful impact.” Alicia McLucas, Director of Dharma Teens, Redwood City, CA

Thanks for carrying on Guruji’s tradition in your amazing way…We love your class. – Sarah Caplan Palo Alto, CA

Lourdes HuiYour class was great; very well-rounded, and of course it helps that you’re a good presenter/teacher. Lourdes Hui, Studio Manager, Menlo Park, CA

You are so much more than what is taught in yoga class and that depth is what makes you stand out. Thank You. – Yvonne Woo, Nandi, CA

Jessica Silver SharpAfter class you tend to have a crowd around you…I wanted to say how glad I am that Peacebank Yoga opened and that I found you there. I truly appreciate the joy and energy you bring to your classes. – Kathy Leisses, Redwood City, CA


Samantha RajaramJust wanted to thank you for the lesson on my chaturanga. Feeling very humbled by yoga today (it’s a good thing). I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for a great class, as usual. My practice is getting so much stronger thanks to your class. – Namaste, Samantha Rajaram, Menlo Park

I want you to know how much it meant to have Doron’s yoga while I was in Palo Alto. Doron is selfless, accepting and compassionate – he embodies all things I would like to work towards being. . Doron’s practice is unlike any yoga I had ever attended – it is better. I can’t help but feel that this is the heart of yoga and that this is the way the practice was intended. – Jackie Kay, New Zealand

Your dedication is admirable and your gentle and generous approach teaches me how to be. Tal Raveh. Israel and Palo Alto, CA (Yoga teacher)

Doron’s Yoga class is one of the better Yoga classes that I have ever been to! I have been to many Yoga classes in LA and SF. – Andy S. – anonymous review sent to Esalen

I thoroughly enjoyed your class and meeting you. From now on I will remember your adjustment in Virabhadrasana, to drop the tail bone and lengthen the middle. You are an encouraging teacher. – Lisa Yanagi. Hawaii

Yulia SytenkovaIt was sooo beautiful tonight! Gosh, I appreciate your amazing effort so much… You are a very special person. I am grateful for our private class – totally new perspective, excitement about entering a new chapter. You are so generous and very inspiring and comfortable to be around, such a good energy. Yulia Sytenkova, Palo Alto

Danielle SeyboldI have really enjoyed learning new poses, which is not something I have been challenging myself with through my practice lately, but learning those poses in a skillful and playful way as well as discovering new things about the poses has been great. I also appreciate the opportunity to study yoga with you in the broader sense. Thank you for the experiences you create for us, for your words, and for your example. – Danielle Seybold, Sunnyvale, CA

Jos BolsThanks so much for the hands on adjustments. I still feel rather new to yoga, so when you correct me in a position I truly appreciate it and will try to do it myself next time. I really enjoy your classes. – Jos Bols, Redwoodcity, CA

I have to say again that you teach a very good class. Not trying to flatter – I always mean what I say. I have practiced with many teachers over the years, few of them stand out and you are definitively one of them. Your students are lucky.  – Ana, Los Altos, CA

Elise RauzieresA testimonial sent to the organizer of my workshop in France: Translation in italics:

Juste un mot pour vous remercier d’avoirorganisé le stage avec Doron.  I just wanted to thank you for organizing this session with Doron. J’ai fait pas mal de workshops, pour la plupart des profs américains, mais quelle ‘awareness’, hallucinant et surtout il SAIT vraiment l’expliquer. I’ve done many workshops already, mostly with American teachers, but what a deep understanding, and most of all he REALLY KNOWS how to explain things. Il semble très ‘instinctif….Il ‘sent’ ce qui se passe avec les élèves… donc le stage est dosé très subtilement. He seems very natural… he “feels” what is going on with the students.. so the session was done in a very fine measure. (flowed well) C’est un personnage attachant, un pure bonheur yogic! He is a very attractive personality, a real yoga moment of joy! La dernière fois que j’ai ressenti ce ‘charisme’ c’était avec Annie Carpenter, il y a longtemps…The last time I felt such charisma was with Annie Carpenter, a long time ago…Mon amie, plus débutante, a compris bcp de choses m’a t-elle dit. Je suis contente pour sa pratique. My friend, more novice, told me she learned a lot. I am very happy for her practice.Elise, France

You inspired me. I rarely meet someone with your strength of presence and dedication to truth, and I treasure that. You excite me in every way! Your joyfulness sparks my passion. I enjoyed your classes – your joy flows through you and through the dance of posture, you allow such space to drop in, and ground, that got me singing after that first class in the yurt, I’d dropped right into heart space and it was so natural to go and sing… I really admire your dedication, I honor your integrity and commitment to doing what you love; you do it so well. It was a joy to see how happy it made you empowering people in your workshop; to see that innocent glee light up your lovely eyes. You’re beautiful. – Vandana Emily UK

 Doron Yoga Teacher Training

Anni Rainio - Doron Yoga Teacher Training GraduateRight at the beginning of the training Doron came to me, hugged and said “welcome home”. This warmth and care was present through the whole month, he has a skill to see each students’ challenges and to support and courage to take the next step.

Doron is a teacher I can easily approach and ask anything about yoga, Buddhism, meditation, pranayama and much more (even “silly” questions are taken “seriously”). His deep respect and long practice in Ashtanga yoga and zen tradition is transmitted to his students. Doron helped me to find lightness and smile in my practice, as well as feeling of compassion towards myself, my practice and people around me. His laugh and joy makes you smile and be a “happy baby”.

As a teacher I found my way to express myself more personal way, I found courage and learned how to teach  fundamentals and principles of yoga. Doron is not only a good and profound teacher, he’ll tell and help you to find these qualities in your own teaching and in your personality.

After the training my classes started again and I felt so happy and alive while teaching. Even my students from previous year noticed that my teaching is much more lively and in-depth. Annie Rainio, Finland

Suzi PamkratzDoron is a qualified yoga teacher who makes a difference in the modern westernized yoga world as he truly speaks from experience and lives up to his own truth. Don’t expect a matcha-soy latte drinking yogi in Lululemon pants but an inspiring teacher with strong body-mind presence, dedicated to share his wisdom with others.

His approach to teaching is versatile and draws from many different schools to lead students along the path that suits them best. That’s why I can say that Doron has been absolutely instrumental in helping me to recognize and shift my practice from a rigid Ashtanga to a more personalized, healthy and liberating approach.

On a deeper level, Doron helped me realize that my reactions are not product of my environment but of my own thoughts. He was so right to occasionally push my buttons during the TTC because I think I was hiding many unconscious judgements onto others in general in my life. In retrospective, I am so thankful because every trigger brought me a little closer to who I am and what I still have in front of me.

Lastly, Doron is a really funny and a super cool person who I could connect with and relate to regarding various topics. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with him in Nepal and I can’t wait until our paths cross again. Susanne Pankratz, Germany

Reka Deak HeadshotDoron is a very knowledgeable teacher, he gives a wide perspective of yoga including philosophy, meditation, asana practice and nutrition. Doron`s methodology enables students at various stages of their yoga journey and students with various styles (from ninjas to the more easy going ones) to find their own voice when structuring their teaching classes as well as their own self practice. I have been practicing Ashtanga for a couple of years, and I believe that the Doron Yoga system is a great addition to my practice (I learned new poses that help me to develop further on my Ashtanga path) and also a great tool to teach and modify others. Doron is committed to the success of his students and he is ready to support them beyond the training as a long term teacher. Thank you, Doron! Reka Deak,  Switzerland

Landra SchererThe 200 hour teacher training with Doron was a true pleasure and it exceeded my expectations completely. We were taught thoroughly not just about the Asanas, but also about the history, philosophy, and evolution of Yoga and the Sutras. Doron facilitated and helped our group live “the yoga lifestyle” during our 3 weeks together; from eating practices and Ayurvedic nutritional concepts, to daily meditation, Pranayama, and the importance of mindfulness in everyday actions. I left the training with a new perspective and total confidence in my ability to teach Yoga and facilitate a well-balanced, beneficial class for all levels. The training gave me the inspiration and the tools to continue with my own daily self-practice, which was one of my biggest goals going into the training.

Additionally, our group was small but very diverse in personalities and backgrounds and I constantly marveled at Doron’s ability to adjust to and manage such a varied clan of people. By the end of the 3 weeks, we all had a strong sense of connection and love for one another and we didn’t want the training to end! I will cherish my experience and the friends I made along the way for a lifetime to come. Thank you, Doron. – Landra Scherer, CA, USA. 

Nicholas Warner_smallSometimes on this journey, you come across these unique people that absolutely succeed at life. I signed up to one of Doron’s teacher trainings to expand my yoga practice.
Chef, nutritionist, fashion photographer, artist, author, fluent in 5 languages, zen master, yoga Jedi and one of the most amazing humans I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. Not only did the teacher training expand my yoga practice, it transformed my life. Nicholas Warner, Australia

sophia_smallYou are truly a master teacher! I feel blessed to have a teacher that has such a wide variety of knowledge, and an incredible life experience. You are able to transmit this knowledge in a very clever, fun, loving way to your students. You are obviously a great Ashtanga teacher, but what I find that is even greater is that you were able to create your own dynamic sequence, which I believe is an example of the great creative artist that you are. Thanks for being such a great teacher and such an authentic human being. Sofia M Widmann, Guatemala.  

Amanda WillemsI cannot begin to describe my endless gratitude for all that Doron is. He organized everything so amazingly for a wonderful and well balanced teacher training. His worldly outlook and joy for life has helped me tremendously as a teacher…on and off the mat. There are many yoga teacher trainings and many teachers out there but Doron is truly someone special, a bright authentic light in the yoga world and I’m blessed to have him in my life. Amanda Willmes, CA, USA  

Martha HensonI would highly recommend this teacher training course to others. Doron’s depth of his knowledge is one of the things that made this course so special, we were very lucky to have someone who has really, really, studied and practices this stuff. I really appreciated the strong focus on areas other than asana, which I suspect is missing from most other courses. Having so much time to practice and learn about pranayama and meditation as well as the philosophy of yoga was so valuable. And of course, the asana teaching aspect was excellent as well, we went into a lot of important detail on key poses, but also learnt a wide range so we can feel prepared for whatever we might come across or want to include.

Doron’s teaching was clear and inspiring. He pushed us to challenge ourselves and also gave us space to try things out from a really early stage. Also his system of building blocks makes it very simple to structure a class. I feel like I’ve been given a great set of tools to become a great teacher, now it’s up to me to develop this further myself.

Doron set an amazing example for us as teachers; so patient, apparently tireless, never allowing any challenges or problems to affect his teaching. So clear and consistent in his own thinking and the way he shared that with us. I was also amazed to see how low the requirements are for these courses in terms of time with the senior teacher, we obviously got way way more than this, which I very much appreciated. Martha Henson, London, UK.  

Bhavna KumarDoron is an incredible teacher and person. He has a wealth of knowledge and life experience to share. We lovingly referred to him as “Zen Master.” Though he was demanding, he provided such a loving and supportive environment for each of us to grow and learn in our own way. He had boundless energy and enthusiasm for all that he taught and it was clear that he lived by his teachings. He is an inspiration and his passion for yoga and life shines through in all his actions. I will forever be grateful to him for everything that I learned in the month of the TTC. Bhavana Kumar, USA

LaChelle Amos Ashtanga Vinyasa 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Nepal 2016Doron Yoga’s 200 hour TTC in Nepal was thorough, informative, challenging, inspiring, and great value for money! Doron is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive, inspiring, and lovingly encouraged us to strive for our best while remaining present in our yoga path. I really appreciate how engaging Doron was. Even outside of the classroom space, he was still open to further questions and discussions, always coming across 100% present. He rightly seemed to have high expectations of us all; simultaneously, his loving nature created a very safe and open space, conducive to constructive learning.

Reading Doron’s book in advance positively confirmed that the training and Doron’s approach to it were exactly what I sought from a TTC. LaChelle Amos, CO, USA. 

Katharina SchaurWith Doron, I found a teacher who cares. He cares whether people on the training are actually learning something. He cares whether people show up to the classes. He cares whether people truly understand this pose, or that adjustment, or this pranayama. He cares whether people make an effort to learn Sanskrit. He cares how people are feeling during the training. He cares what they are going through. And with all his love, care, passion and commitment for Yoga, I know that Doron pushed me to make the most of four weeks of training. I could not have found a better teacher! Katharina Schaur, Austria. 

Anna SuchaAshtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Doron Hanoch changed my life, literally. Not only because I have learned so much about yoga, its history and philosophy, ayurveda, pranayama techniques, anatomy, but also because I have learned so much about myself, my true self. TTC with Doron has kicked off the process of my self exploration and brought up many new questions. I started to meditate (I never thought I will be able to sit and focus on my breathing and let the thoughts go one day)… Words can not express how much I am thankful to Doron for being an inspiration, both strict & caring, dedicated & funny teacher. He is really that kind of teacher who knows how to bring out the best in the students. Anna Suchá, Slovakia. 

Colleen MurrayWhat a month, what an experience, what a teacher training course, and last but not least, what a teacher!!! I would absolutely, 100%, recommend this TTC to others! Doron is a superb teacher. Having been involved with lecturing at university level for many years now, it was so obvious that Doron possesses the qualities of a top-notch educator. Not only does he have the depth and breadth of knowledge, he is able to communicate it to others in way that is informative, interesting and holds everyone’s attention. I loved that his sense of humour regularly showed itself, that he was sensitive to each individual’s needs (and we were a quite diverse group), and that he had the ability to constantly interact with each and every group member. He honestly has the patience of a saint, gently directing and motivating everyone to give their best. Whether you aim is to deepen your own practice, teach in a yoga studio, or even just to make a whole new group of awesome friends, I would honestly highly suggest that you look into this course. You will laugh and you will cry, but you won’t regret a minute of it! Colleen Murray, dentist and senior lecturer – BCHD(Hons), BDS, PGDipClinDent, Bed / New Zealand. 

Marian WillsDoron was an incredible teacher; he has unbelievable energy and connectedness!! I really appreciated his humbleness and authenticity. I realize how much we learnt, even more so after coming back home and returning to yoga. I appreciate his incredible attention to detail, his high standards and his immeasurable enthusiasm. Marian Wills, South Africa. 

Lauren AnasWhat makes Doron absolutely unique and gifted is his ability to bring out the best teacher in all of us. It is one thing to know the content and it is a completely different thing to be able to present the information so well that students can develop the practice that works best for them.
Doron helped me find my voice, confidence, presence and grace as a teacher. His curriculum is brilliant, and has helped me understand yoga on all levels. From a physical point of view, Doron helped me gain an enormous amount of strength and stability. I went from being insecure in inversions to flying high in almost all of them. I eat better, I meditate daily, my relationships are healthy and loving, and my life overall has dramatically changed for the better since I did his training. Yes, you will learn how to be a teacher. In fact, you will learn how to be a great teacher from Doron.
I teach full-time in the Bay Area as well and every time I get up and teach, I am constantly reminded that teaching is a breath by breath practice of presenting what I love with my students. Doron is passionate, intelligent, detail-oriented, a magnificent practitioner and honestly an encyclopedia of knowledge that will help you grow into a teacher and in turn significantly touch every other aspect of your life. Whether you are doing the training for just your own curiosity or to become a teacher, it is one of the most amazing gifts you can offer yourself. – Lauren Alyne Anas – 500 hour graduate – Palo Alto, CA.

Chelsea RappelI will be forever grateful that the universe led me to Doron Hanoch for my yoga teacher training. Not only is Doron astoundingly educated in the science and art of yoga, but he thoroughly embodies the principles–compassion, patience, generosity and joy seem to infuse the room as he guides his students. I found myself absolutely challenged physically, as well as mentally and spiritually, all the while being carried by Doron’s steady awareness and care. Because of Doron I am not just a knowledgeable and successful yoga teacher in New York City, but more importantly, I’m a better person. – Chelsea Rappel, New York, NY, USA

Jenna PearceWhat an amazing, sweet soul that Doron has. I was part of an incredible group in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for Doron’s 200 hour teacher training, and I could not have asked for anything more. We covered so much material, and Doron made it all very easy to take in, learn, and apply to practice and daily life. My goal of the training was to deepen my practice, I didn’t have much interest in teaching, but around day 5 in the training that had already changed, I couldn’t wait to be able to share what Doron had brought to me with others. I finished the training with all the confidence needed to teach, thanks to Doron, and was able to start teaching right after the training. It was such an amazing experience, that I didn’t want to end, and wish we could all still be together deepening our knowledge and practice. Doron is incredible, and really cares for all of his students, I recommend him a million times over. Thanks, Doron, for everything you did for us during the training and continue to do. Jenna Pearce, USA. 

Daniela Gechtman - Doron Yoga Teacher Training GraduateWhat I love about his style is that he sticks quite a bit to “traditional” Ashtanga style, but keeps it flexible, to make it more balanced and suitable for most people. Doron teaches in a fun and light manner yet he has a lot of knowledge and experience in meditation and philosophy. He is a modern spiritual yogi who lives his life be present in the moment, to make the most out of it while working towards stopping the fluctuations of the  mind. Thank you so much for everything. – Daniela Gechtman, Israel


Daniella Saar - Doron Yoga Teacher TrainingThe Doron Yoga Teachers Training course has the unique quality of being in-depth and yet very easy to understand, digest and remember. This derives from Doron’s teaching technics and very personal, approachable personality. As an experienced practitioner, Doron shares his rich knowledge, and more importantly – a fresh dynamic perspective about the yoga world. The Asana practice and teaching methods are taught along with Eastern philosophy and meditation, a combination that allows for deep self-exploration. Expect a life transforming experience. Daniella Saar, Israel

Hadas BombergThe Doron Yoga Teacher Training was an amazing experience for me!! The way you teach, speak and practice yoga is inspiring and I feel that choosing you as my teacher was more than right. Thanks for your endless patience, answering all my questions. Thanks for the mental support along the way and your hugs and smiles routine 🙂  I learned more than I can imagine and I had a great time. Hadas Bomberg, Israel



Teacher Training Testimonials3I found the Doron Yoga Teacher Training to be a great holistic education for my body, mind and spirit as well as a transformative life experience. It gave me the tools and support to practice more self-care, and supported the development of my own home practice, which helped me to build more strength and confidence. This, in turn, helped me become more willing to challenge my self limiting beliefs and break down some barriers that I place on myself. During the training, the asana practice, meditation practice and the study of yogic philosophy and the ancient texts taught me how to manage the workings of my mind through focus, discipline, practice and meditation. I gained a broader understanding of yoga, which helped me to deepen my practice and encourages me to apply yoga to all aspects of my life, on and off the mat, so that I can move through the challenges of life with a bit more grace and ease. His teacher training helped me deepen my compassion & love for myself, and those around me, as we shared parts of ourselves in a safe and loving environment that he created. I built life-long friendships and a great community in Doron’s teacher training. – Annetta McCarty Redwood City, CA. USA

Teacher Training Testimonials3

I completed my 200-YTT with Doron in May of 2014, and have now been teaching yoga full-time for about eight months. I was able to transition completely from graphic design to full-time instruction in a matter of less than two months, and I have Doron to thank for the knowledge and tools needed to turn my passion into a real career in weeks rather than years, as can often be the case. I’ve since assisted with another teacher training, and am certain that the strong foundation in sequence-building, functional movement, yoga philosophy/theory and in-depth asana breakdown that I gained through training under Doron are above and beyond the typical 200-hr YTT. It is nearly impossible to cram in everything needed to teach yoga in a mere 200 hours. However, the structure of Doron’s program left me miles more confident than the average new teacher in my ability to plan and sequence an anatomically, energetically and emotionally balanced yoga class, start to finish. I can’t overstress the value of this skill — I’ve found that most of the nuances of teaching can only be learned while teaching, so it was/has been crucial to my professional development to be able to enter the room confident enough in my sequencing and pose knowledge to really get to the heart of instruction.
If you are thinking of taking this training, whether in the interest of becoming a teacher or deepening your personal practice, I strongly urge you to go for it. I signed up seeking purpose and peace my life, and am left a year later healthier and happier in mind, body and spirit than I ever thought possible. Highly recommend! – Aislinn Coleman, Palo Alto CA, USA

Ethan KlivansDoron Yoga is a comprehensive and user-friendly method for learning and growing a personal yoga practice, first as a student and with experience as a teacher. His words and lectures are engaging; there is humor but little unnecessary dialogue. Throughout the training with Doron, I felt exhausted, in a good way, as Doron managed to pack in an abundance of teaching into a short time.

I recommend anyone with an interest in deepening his or her yoga practice to engage with Doron. You will not be let down. – Ethan Klivans,  Atherton, CA, USA 

Teacher Training Testimonials4Doron’s teacher training was a life changing experience for me. I was able to learn more about my relationship to my body and tune in to what I need from Yoga to carry out into the world. His style of teaching is memorable and very intuitive. In the training I met life long friends! I didn’t want the training to end because I learned so much and had great fun! – Ashley Sue Paulson – Teacher Training Graduate – Marin, CA

Blanka Janickova

As a yoga instructor that is hyperactive, I worked on calming myself down for many years. Doron was able to lead calm lessons and showed me how I can move slowly and gently. Doron is an excellent psychologist. He has an individual approach to each student. He knows what each student needs. The course with Doron was very beneficial for me. He can perfectly explain theory and how to practice yoga. The lessons aren`t about sitting and listening but about learning everything in a practical way. Doron is a master teacher. Blanka Janíčková, Prague, Czech Republic

Iva CenovskaI loved the Teacher Training. I especially appreciate the sequences of asanas in Doron yoga. As a yoga teacher, now I know what I should teach my students, how to stretch the whole body safely and I learnt about so many options and variation I can use in classes. I liked that the course had friendly atmosphere and there was no room for criticism – only understanding and kind attitude from Doron. He  is so passionate, funny, kind and did his best to show us all aspects of yoga not just asanas. I liked our morning meditation and breathing practices. I feel that I learned a lot about my body, greatly improved my physical strength and it’s wonderful that I know how to teach others now. The course was a beautiful gift, thank you Doron. 🙂 Iva Cenovska, Prague, Czech Republic

Vered KatzirYou introduced me to the entire spectrum of yoga and let me define my own ways of understanding yoga, meditation and nutrition, and the correlation between them and our lives. Thank you for always being there through every lesson and every question, with your wisdom, your big smile and warm hugs. Thank you for teaching yoga not only as a physical exercise, but also as a way to transform my life. Your way of living, practicing and teaching yoga is an inspiration for me, and I feel blessed to be your student. – Vered Gani-Katzir, Cupertino, CA. USA

Aoife KimberDoron’s yoga teacher training was truly a life-transforming experience. I joined to learn more about yoga but came away with a toolbox of solutions to deal with life’s stresses and worries. From breathing to nutrition, arm balances to meditation, I now feel I can navigate life with calmness and understanding. One word sums up this course: Inspirational! Thank you Doron. – Aoife Kimber, CA. USA

I began Doron’s yoga teacher training with an intention to gain a stronger understanding of yoga asana and all the other elements of yoga that are often not discussed in classes as well as the skills necessary to teach. I was hoping for tools I could use to be healthier, more balanced and more content with my life.

The training not only changed my life but also saved it.
From meditation, to nutrition, yoga poses to adjusting, from teaching tools to anatomy, Doron’s expert knowledge and extensive depth in our training made for the entire experience to be inspirational and grounding. The content was clear and to the point, and time was always made for questions and review. Doron was a teacher and mentor. Since he was with us in all the sessions, he could see our growth, our needs and challenges and could be with us in every step of the process.
I highly recommend the Doron Yoga Teacher Training. Doron’s attention to detail and his passion for his students were exceptional. I felt constantly cared for and feel so much more empowered to live my life with a smile on my face and to share and teach my knowledge of yoga to others. – Denise Daly, Redwood City, CA. USA

Jemma NavehA minute after or maybe still in….Not enough words or gestures to express the feelings…Great love, thankfulness, happiness, sadness, high. All the big words I heard about you are so small compared with who you are. So glad we had the opportunity to get your knowledge and experience, your time and your love. Thankful for every day we had with you! The world is a better place with you in it 🙂 Jemma Naveh, Israel

I took Doryoga grads2on’s teacher training after practicing for only one year.  Wow, after teacher training my practice really took off.  I am not ready to start teaching yet, but I wanted a home practice.  I practice at home more often than not, and with all of Doron’s great tips and detailed teaching, my practice has now advanced nicely. Beyond the yoga asana, my whole life has gotten better. With our study of Ayurveda, I know better about myself, handle relationships better and know what to eat to stay balanced. Do yourself a favor and take Doron’s teacher training, I promise you won’t be disappointed. – Kent Putnam,  Woodside, CA, USA

Doron Yoga & Zen Center

My journey at the DYZC was an amazing yoga experience. The location is breath taking. the food is great and there are plenty of healthy, tasty options on the menu. LaChelle is a wonderful yoga instructor. Supportive and very knowledgeable! She was happy to share her experience and wisdom with me. Thank you DYZC for showing me how life can be simple and beautiful. – Osnat Elbaz, Israel, August 2017



I had a wonderful experience mentoring with Doron. He provided me with invaluable insight and feedback on all aspects of teaching yoga and being a yoga teacher. It has helped me to gain an even greater appreciation for the amount of energy, thought and love that great teachers like Doron put into creating the best possible experience for his students both in his classes and for me as a mentee. I’m extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to work so closely with him and for all of his encouragement and support on this journey. Thanks Doron!!! – Janet Wang, Yoga Teacher, and High Teach Ninja.

Thanks for letting us practice and assist at your blissful yoga class last Wednesday. Your generosity and tips for assisting helped us a lot on that day! Arigatou. – Hidemi Wegner – Equinox Teacher Training.

IMG_0809I met Doron about 3 years into teaching Yoga and over the course of a year and a half, not only has my teaching changed but my entire life, including my attitude, relationships, physical heath, mental health and overall moment to moment actions. I can tell you that I thought I was happy before but nothing compares to the discoveries I have made about myself through the year of mentoring with Doron. I suppose every one has their own definition of what makes a good teacher but for me, what I needed, was someone who did not preach to me what worked for them or ONE specific thing that will bring me happiness but rather offered me many resources, showed me by example how they are living their own life, and encouraged me to PRACTICE and try many things, so that the path I end up on is my Own.
In a very short period, Doron has brought out ME. Through workshops, retreats and classes with him I have learned breathing techniques, a variety of meditations, physical asana, teaching methods, I have been exposed to many of his talents including his knowledge of nutrition, art, photography, music, dance, all that are deeply and importantly connected. Doron has studied with many teachers, has been involved with many forms of creativity, all beautifully woven into his philosophy of living a blissful life and being a flexaterian. I think this is one of the things that make him so strong as a mentor. He has taken from his teachers, relationships, careers, his yoga practice, and his meditations, his day-to-day life lessons that light him up, which have changed him and brought him happiness. His beautiful melting pot of teachings are the most unique and powerful I have come across.
One of my favorite articles by him called “Flexaterian”, quotes, “After learning as much as possible from all sources that attract me or came my way, I make the best choice possible for each moment, while understanding that change is inevitable and thus the learning experience is constant as well. There will never be any one diet, any one path that we can all take the same way. We each have to carve our way, discovering the sculpture within.”
Doron has helped me carve my own way as a yoga teacher, as a student and as a person seeking to constantly live my life in an honest, loving, and blissful way. I hold an infinite amount of gratitude for Doron’s presence in my life and feel blessed to be able to continue LIVING in a much more joyful state. – Lauren Anas, Yoga teacher.

Yoga Lifestyle Retreats

Mary Spangler Although I have practiced yoga for nearly six years, my week in Samasati allowed me to experience the practices of yoga at a different level. I have never gone on a trip without friends or family so it was with some interpretation that I signed up for the week retreat. What I experienced has set me on a new course that I love – and my family notices, I am more at peace. Thank you for creating an environment that felt safe, supportive and liberating. – Mary Spangler. Costa Rica Retreat 2011. Mary since joined 2 more international retreats to Guatemala.

The workshop was beautifully crafted to bring us deeply into touch with our personal yin and yang. Doron is a gifted teacher of both yoga poses and concepts. He pushes us to the limit with compassion and humor and encouragement. – Lynda and Charley McLaughlin – Esalen, May 2011

The retreat was excellent on all aspects – content and flow and focus in the workshop. I deeply enjoyed Doron’s attention to detail and hands on adjustments. – Anonymous, Esalen, July 2011

Doron Hanoch is an excellent yoga instructor and facilitator. The workshop was a very positive and a good emotional experience. Doron is knowledgeable and expresses and teaches in a strong but sensitive and nurturing manner. – Micki Weinberg, Esalen, May 2011

Janet PetrilloThanks again for organizing this Esalen retreat. I had such a wonderful time and it did hit the reset button. What a beautiful location-it was bliss! I can’t wait to see what other wonderful retreat locations you have up your sleeve 🙂 Like with Bali, my fellow yogis and yoginis were wonderful, a testament to your magnetic energy and spirit that will keep me coming back. Namaste, – Janet Petrillo, Chicago, IL


Theona Stefanis & Dirk LangerSuch a nice and relaxing weekend! Good Yoga, good company, and good food! Dirk and I had talked many times about spending a weekend at Esalen, and your retreat offered us the perfect opportunity. Thank you for arranging this and for your excellent (and patient!) instruction. This was our first retreat with you, and we would happily attend another one . . .Best regards, – Theona Stefanis & Dirk Langer, Redwood City, CA

Lisa JannyI wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time at the Stillheart retreat. It was truly a great experience for me…. yoga, eating, the girls! the conversations we all had Sat night. Some of the comments really made me think and it was great to have this time to just talk and listen….It really added to the overall experience.– Lisa Janny, Blissful Yoga and food at Stillheart Institute, CA.

It goes without saying that Stillheart is so beautiful, outside and inside. But sharing all its beauties, the jacuzzi, kitchen, with folks I never knew before, I never thought it could be so much fun! [br] [br] This time away was great for sharing thoughts, past history, etc, at a deeper level. In fact, your background is rich with experiences – no wonder your yoga classes have a lot of Life! – Yvonne Woo, CA – Blissful Yoga and food at Stillheart Institute, CA.

Martha PutnamIt was truly a remarkable experience and there is just something incredible about practicing yoga overlooking such a powerful ocean. Doron you did a fantastic job of tying yoga and photography together with personal growth and meditation. It was incredible, I made many break through’s in my yoga practice. Thank you for your commitment to yoga and sharing your gift and your passion. – Martha Putnam – Esalen Yoga and Photography, July 4th

I had a good chance to get closer to the perspectives of the world through a philosophic view of myself, the thinker, the observer and the observed. Dedicating sometime to meditate, doing yoga, sharing experiences with awesome people gave me a refreshing way I see the world and the way I am seen by the world, Thank you for such a great retreat. – Elias Michan – Esalen Yoga and Photography, July 4th

Jim and Barbara FrandeenWe loved your workshop on yoga and food. You presented more material than we could retain, but the important thing was your contagious enthusiasm and inspiration. You inspired us to learn more about nutrition. It has changed our food choices for the better. We had so much fun shopping when we got home. We loved your non-dogmatic approach. You have been a vegetarian, and vegan, and an omnivore so you could present information valuable to everyone. The presentation about the doshas was valuable because it inspired each of us to look inside and see what is true for us. We are so grateful to have you as our teacher. – Jim and Barbara Frandeen, Capitoala, CA

Meg LacyA sincere thank you for providing a wonderful weekend and choosing esalen for the location. Yoga, food, learning, and big sur (one of the most powerful places on earth in my opinion), what could be better than that?? Such a nice group of people: together yet private, diverse, awesome, and doron, you are a sweetheart. kind, generous, knowledgeable, funny, have an edge (essential for me) and have just the right amount of not taking yourself too seriously. – Meg Lacy, CA – Blissful living retreat

Doron is a beautiful spirit who will (without even a raindrop of doubt) awaken your authenticity and enrich your life with his mindful care, attentive teaching style, and peaceful presence. his retreats offer a time, space and his special perspective to savor your life – and make a conscious decision to live …more …blissfully. no regrets, all gratitude – Alexandra Blair, CA – Blissful living retreat

Sophi MaoThank you again for the fabulous time I had this past weekend. Your food knowledge you shared was so useful that it motivated me to clear my pantry yesterday. I took notes of what I had, and what I need to phase out, and most importantly what I need to add. It was awesome!! The peace and joy I felt from this past weekend was tremendous that words can’t describe enough of its impact on me. – Sophia Mao Bay Area, CA – Yoga and food retreat at Esalen

Crystel StanfordDoron, thank you. Esalen was amazing — one of the best experiences of my life. You’re a gifted teacher. Thank you for creating a loving and supportive environment in which we could explore new ideas and challenge ourselves. This was my first retreat, and already I can’t wait for the next one! – Crystel Stanford, CA

You are simply extraordinary – an absolutely beautiful amazing loving human soul. Your unbridled yet harnessed energy and passion for living quietly out loud is an infectious gift. A gift I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity and privilege to receive. The pure joy and happiness so alive in your eyes is captivating… – Karen OConnell, CA – Yoga and Blissful Living, Esalen, Big Sur.

I really enjoyed every moment of Doron’s workshop. The information he shared on nutrition really struck a cord with me, and has me excited to start incorporating the ideas into my lifestyle. I really appreciate how Doron incorporated the connection and balance between nutrition, yoga and every day lifestyle. I felt that Doron did a wonderful job of communicating a bunch of information in a short amount of time, and doing it effectively and in a way that kept me interested throughout the workshop. – Anonymous – Esalen feedback form

Doron’s workshop was beautiful, wonderful, and informative. Doron is a gifted teacher, overflowing with knowledge and helpful information. – Heather B. – Esalen feedback form

Excellent! Workshop was well-planned, excellent speed and flow, moving with grace from Asana to Nutrition discussion. Doron is a teacher’s teacher. I enjoyed every moment. – Anonymous – Esalen feedback form

Julia CurtisThe workshop was excellent! Doron is extremely knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating, and he is a compassionate but powerful teacher. All phases of the workshop were fulfilling and complete. I feel more confidence, discipline, balance and strength, and also a big heart smile from this dynamite workshop. – Julia Curtis, San Diego, CA – Esalen feedback form

This workshop had a subtle and intentional evolution thanks to the leader. He changed the whole paradigm and euphemism for me, for life; yoga as prayer, grace and philosophy. It was exquisitely “watery”. – Anonymous – Esalen feedback form

Excellent. I learned so much and am inspired to grow my personal yoga practice in a new way. Doron is a superb teacher. – Anonymous – Esalen feedback form

This workshop was wonderful; it met all my expectations for customizing my yoga practice. Doron used the time very wisely and the group atmosphere was stimulating. Doron is incredibly knowledgeable. – Anonymous – Esalen feedback form

This workshop has been one of the best I have ever taken. Doron’s knowledge and ability for communicating are really outstanding. The information he has covered has been extremely interesting for me and he has done a great job addressing everyone’s questions and needs. Absolutely inspiring and motivating. – Anonymous – Esalen feedback form

Adam FrankIt was a fabulous weekend. So much material covered in such a short time. The flow was perfect, movement and conversation at just the right times. There were also options during the Yoga practice, which supported everyone, in whatever place they are in their own practice. – Adam Frank, CA


Sue HltonI wanted to let you know how much I appreciated everything you shared with us over the past weekend – your talents, wisdom, inspiration and love to name a few. I also feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and to learn so much. The lessons have been profound and delightful…..what a joyful gift to give us all during this season of holidays. Now, I am going to lie on the floor in happy baby with my grandchildren and laugh until we can’t laugh anymore. With Appreciation and Admiration – Sue Hilton. San Diego, CA

………….much gratitude to you, Doron, for opening the portal of grace in my yoga practice (and life). If GRACE refers to movement; you have changed the entire paradigm, for me, and I go forth from your class grounded in my own essence and encouraged by your words–blissful and patient even in my own exquisite simplicity and imperfection on a clear continuum. What an extraordinary weekend–it is still with me!!!! Fondly, – Mary M. La Jolla, CA

That was the nicest workshop. I am still letting it settle….The calm serenity you embody so well is perfect for teaching; Humor, patience…and believing deeply in what you are showing us. Thank you so much! – Heather B. Los Angeles, CA

After your workshop I started working on my bad behaviors on nutrition, I eliminated milk and dairy and I’m really feeling better. I lost two kilos without any efforts or renounces, just improving awareness. So I’m really thankful to the yoga and nutrition workshop!!!! – Danilo S. Roma, Italy

Thank you for your wonderful workshop at Esalen. I enjoyed the fast pace of our learning’s, joined with our dynamic asana practice, and wonderful vibe of the people all who came together to learn together. Your experience, knowledge, compassion and sense of humor made it a spectacular weekend! – Anonymous – Esalen feedback form

A little something that comes to mind as I reflect on your workshop… Leafy greens fill our minds on our path to a more vibrant way of life nourishment as more than food for fuel, as food for life warmed by asana practice, chatturangas feed the soul workshops merely the beginning of your next chapter what lies beyond the white blanket of Esalen fog Namaste, – Kim J. Mill Valley, CA

I just wanted to say thank you again for the weekend. I think it was great and that you’ve seriously messed up my head with all this nutrition talk… in a good way! – Sara Viguera. Madrid, Spain

Great retreat and I really appreciate all the thought and love you put into it. – Jeffrey A. Minneapolis

You gave us such a great boost of blissful energy at the workshop – I was teaching tonight with a great enthusiasm sharing with the students these beautiful ideas how to improve your life and find bliss in it every day. They loved it too! You made this ancient teaching so real, vibrant and understandable. I was trying to make my way through Patanjali several times and always got stuck. Now I am reading it and feel the need to keep going. It does not feel so dry and far from the real life. How smart was to begin with the last limb! You gave my daughter and I a glorious gift to share and I send you a heartfelt thanks for sharing your wisdom and the beautiful way in which you shared that wisdom with all of us. It was truly an awesome experience. Looking forward to the next Doron creation. – Sue Hilton, San Diego

Last weekend was a wonderful and oh so memorable experience. Thank you for giving so much of yourself, which made it safe for me (and the other yoginis and yogi) to do likewise. To the title “Blissful Yoga” I would add “Joy”, which is what I experienced during our work and time together, and is what I am taking with me on my daily journeys. I am glad we had early morning starts–the days seemed soooo wonderfully long. I also enjoyed breaking bread with you. I cannot think of a thing I would change at this time. I went to my local health food store and bought many of the foods you described. So tonight I put on my culinary hat and tried my hand at making quinoa. I was so excited to cook it–After the water boiled I reduced the flame on the pot, sat down at the computer, and was typing away until I smelled a slight burn odor. By the time I got to the kitchen it was no longer a “slight” smell of burnt food. Wooooweeee! I realized that I am not used to cooking something that has to be watched (cared for). My usual multi-tasking M.O.: I put it on automatic and off I go. The lesson is, once again, awareness (plus correct cooking times). So you can see I am still taking joy in the gifts you gave us. I am so looking forward to another workshop with you. Joyfully, – Barb B. Pasadena, CA

Dear Esalen Group Leader. We want to thank you for recently teaching at Esalen. We value your contributions celebrate the work you do in the world, Thank you for helping to make Esalen’s mission and vision of personal and social change come to life. – The Esalen Programs Team

Gwen Wang“I really enjoyed the retreat this weekend. You are an amazing teacher and I truly enjoy every aspects of your class, especially the talk and the meditation. It is so in line with my beliefs and so wonderful to hear your interpretations! Thank you for attracting all these wonderful people to the retreat which allows me the chance to meet them! It was such a memorable two days! I appreciate all you have offered us!” – Gwen Wang, CA

Jessica Silver SharpI wanted to send a note of great thanks for this weekend! I was really inspired and absorbed a lot of interesting information (and especially enjoyed the backwards somersault – that was fun). – Jessica Silver Sharp

I just wanted to say how wonderful the Esalen weekend was. Learning about body types and foods combined with yoga turned out to be a great mix. I came away with a sense of enjoyment and gratitude that I still have. Thank you for the weekend, especially for being so present with all of us. – Nancy O. Pasadena, CA

Julia IngersolThank You…for a Wonderful mini-retreat: That was truly a special and full-feeling little workshop, much more so than it’s actual duration in that invention called “time” would suggest. I felt particularly spacious and great after our last asana practice on Sunday morning. Your pacing and focus brings me more concentration, and I feel “just right” after– neither too little work, nor tired/sore. Your teaching style works great for me and brings much enjoyment. – Julia Ingersol. Big Sur, CA

I see the light….. My gratitude to you–your example–and words of wisdom–and combined energy in class. The weekend for me was multidimensional—so much transpired on oh so many different levels besides just yoga and nutrition. Besides writing down ideas for digesting more consciously– I kept a running shopping list for when I got home—I am still so inspired that I most probably will go back to being a vegetarian after a 10 year hiatus. Thank You so much for an extraordinary weekend—I’m still walking on moonbeams!!!!! – Mary M.

Peter WattsDoron, Hey man I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Every time I drink green tea instead of coffee, add a color to my plate to complete the rainbow, every time I remind myself to be grateful to be where I am with my yoga practice, every time I make an effort to brighten someone else’s day. You have had a profound impact on my life. Thank you for that Doron. – Peter Watts


Char MichaelsStill basking in the afterglow of one amazing and powerful week at Esalen, I received your yoga info and felt compelled to write just a few words to thank you (yet again) for your purposeful, sensual and elegant presence this past week…your gift to the workshop was immense, and personally profound for me!! My intention and “work” at Esalen was to explore and strengthen my feminine essence… much of which has been suppressed…. I thank you for helping to make this process so much pleasure… Your mesmerizing smile is imbedded in my memories. – Char Michaels

Zen Dance™

Kara Meyers HardinWhat you have created with Zen Dance™  is very magical, fun and unique. I’m so thrilled that Cleo and I have found a place that we can express ourselves and especially for her to nurture that special and creative being. – Kara Hardin, Atherton, CA


Randee SchwartzThank you so much for all of your energy, wisdom and for inviting me into the zen yoga community. It’s been so hard to find any sort of yoga community since my mentor moved, and I was so grateful this summer to be able to attend your classes and the dance group. Moving and breathing on the mat…or dancing together in the cute subud house in Palo Alto…these were the magical moments in my summer. – Randee Schwartz, CA

Zen Dance is one of the most significant nights of the week because during this amazing hour and a half, I feel the most REAL…The most in my body and at the same time out of my body…a combination of bliss, release, healing, and timeless energy! It is been absolutely incredible and healing!  An evening of freedom! Never in my life so far could I imagine enjoying the movement of my body like I do in Zen Dance. Thank you for providing such an AMAZING space and for your spectacular variety of music. My smile from last nights combination of craziness, laughter, and pure joy continues… – Lauren Anas, Palo Alto, CA

That was truly blissful and so much fun!!!” – Tal Raveh, Palo Alto

A treasure space for authentic nonverbal expression, radical acceptance, and blissful release. – Carmen Casado. San Francisco, CA.

Yulia SytenkovaYou can be really tired and not sure if you need or can endure this Dance but the body itself knows better. Like a miracle, amazing energy just penetrates you. The Grumping ego calms down and the Gorgeous body starts flying by itself.

It is all the same – each time you think “this is the best at Doron’s I ever had”… But again, this was really the best one! I think the progress just keeps happening. I found out tonight how great is to dance with a SENSE OF HUMOR. Yes, without taking yourself seriously at all, laughing, mimicking, behaving like a child, open your mouth, drop your jaw:) The dance tonight: such a great guidance with meditation even a person with such a fucked mind was able to meditate:) You do it very naturally.  -Yulia Sytenkova, Palo Alto

Danelle SeyboldZen Dance for me is a place of absolute abandon, visceral (characterized by or proceeding from instinct rather than intellect), riding past the body’s first and false limits of fatigue by a more compelling compulsory urge to move, beyond control, to celebrate that I have a body to make motion to accompany sound-except there wouldn’t be any thought to have that thought in the moment (yeah, just close your eyes and think dance-no-dance for 20 minutes). The community around Zen Dance™ is so, so special and sweet. For me, a sacred space to be completely alone and comfortable yet somehow non-paradoxically to allow myself to let people know how much I love, enjoy, SEE, and appreciate them through simple and quick exchanges of smiles, welcoming hugs, playful encounters in dance, and casual, natural, appropriate physical contact–like that exchanged spontaneously among family members or with close friends. It’s such a treasure to be able to be authentic in the moment, allowing honest expression and genuine behavior. ALLOW-ance and Noticing. Alone, in community, Sweet, sweet joy. – Danielle Seybold, Sunnyvale, CA

Nutrition, Food and Health

1505583_10202847468443332_1461690341_nDoron has tremendous knowledge regarding healthy living, from many aspects. He gave me advice related to nutrition and exercise that completely changed how I feel throughout the day. I used to feel weak at times, tired after meals, and not sleep the best. Now I feel energized throughout the day, including any time after meals, I am focused, and have higher quality sleep at night. I effortlessly keep a lower weight than before without the need to be on ‘a diet’. I keep being amazed at the amount of his knowledge. It’s also nice that he truly wants to help people – that’s his pleasure in life. – Gil H. Menlo Park

Peter WattsDoron, Hey man I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Every time I drink green tea instead of coffee, add a color to my plate to complete the “rainbow”, every time I remind myself to be grateful to be where I am with my yoga practice, every time I make an effort to brighten someone else’s day. You have had a profound impact on my life. Thank you for that Doron. – Peter Watts

I have you to thank, Doron. It’s our conversations. I honestly get something out of them. You have a way of helping me align my thoughts. Not to say that I always agree with what you say but I do respect your mind and opinions. Our conversations sometimes help me see things in a more clear light. Often times, it’s not situations that affect me but my mind’s eye perceptions that off centers me and make me discontent. – Georgiana Grey, NY

Thank you for all your knowledge and precious time. You are awesome! – Kelly Kirscht, CA, Private Cooking, and nutrition instruction

You’re a star, Doron. I’d had a really shitty day but good food turned my mood around… delicious! – Ben Hooker – Montalvo arts center, CA

Culinary master class with Doron Hanoch update: Today, the teacher Ms. Corneille shared with us some parent comments she’s received: I wanted to send you a quick note to show my appreciation to you and the Montalvo Art Center. Your Wednesday program of having a Chef there has been a wonderful experience for Ziba. She has been eating a lot healthier since you’ve started this fun activity. All she talks about is eating fruits and veggies, she even tells me not to eat certain food. She has been looking at the Nutrition Facts on packages and is conscience about the intake of certain ingredients. You are a wonderful teacher. Holly, mother.

I have to tell you, Bella is quite smitten with the chef! That’s all she talks about! I’ve told some colleagues (parents, too) about the Food Journal, they love that idea! – Sarah, mother

Thanks so much for your incredible cooking (planning, shopping…. ) and hard work to provide such a wonderful meal and dining experience for Montalvo’s donors, the Boccardo Family; Marta Fry architects; and the artists on Monday evening. – Marie Bergstedt – Montalvo Arts Center