In the Media

Doron Hanoch is the Founder of Doron Yoga, as well as the new Doron Yoga & Zen Center at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. He is also the author of The Yoga Lifestyle and regularly writes blogs about the flexitarian method, asana, pranayama, meditation, healthy cooking, philosophy, and more. Listen to and read more about these topics and others in Doron’s various media appearances below.

Radio Interviews

Mole Mama LogoDiana Silva on her 12Radio show, Mole Mama, interviewed Doron Hanoch on his new book: The Yoga Lifestyle: Using the flexitarian method to ease stress, find balance and live a healthy life. Diana inquires about the meaning of the flexitarian method, as well as Doron’s path towards developing it. Listen to the interview here.


In his 40+ Fitness podcast radio show, Allan Misner interviews Doron about his book, The Yoga Lifestyle, exploring ways to take yoga out of the studio and off the mat, particularly for those over 40 years old. Allan is also interested in better understanding the Pitta Ayurveda dosha (mind-body type). Listen to the interview here.



Sivana Spirit online magazine logo

Sivana Spirit interviewed Doron Hanoch about his dharma, philosophy, goals, inspiration, and mission. This very inspiring interview of a yoga teacher’s path is especially interesting and timely as Doron intends to create an international community with the upcoming opening of the Doron Yoga & Zen Center at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Read the interview in full here: I’m Doron Hanoch, And This is My Dharma- Sivana Spirit.


Elephant Logo

“10 Steps for Becoming a Power-Hungry, Controlling Yoga Guru” (March 17, 2015)

Doron poses a pivotal question to yoga teachers, how can you inspire your students to reach their fullest potential without attachment to you as a teacher or to the process?  Read the article in full on the Elephant Journal website.

“Experiencing Pain without Suffering” (October 29, 2014)

In this Elephant Journal article Doron discusses how the labels we create can fuel our pain, as well as practical steps to alleviate suffering. Read it in full here.

“If ‘We Are All One,’ Then Give Me Your Car Keys, Please” (July 30, 2013)

Instead of re-iterating the all-too-common usage of the expression, “We are all one”, Doron suggests practical steps to help each of us discover our true selves in this Elephant Journal article. Read the full article here.


If you would like to interview Doron or invite him to share more about his book, experiences, the Doron Yoga & Zen Center, and more, please contact him at