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Doron Yoga Retreats and Workshops

DYZC offers a variety of retreats and trainings in a breath-takingly scenic location with Lake Atitlan and volcano views and a river running through the grounds nestled with banana and coffee trees, vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and hummingbirds. Experience local Mayan culture and a dedicated community that is here to serve and help you step forward towards mastering yoga.

We aim to offer high end programs with superb teachers – taught at the Zendo Yoga Shala. The beautiful temple that has Cypress floors and bamboo beams, shines with it’s front round cap overlooking the magnificent Lake Atitlan.   


The Yoga Lifestyle
12 hours (3 days, 4 hours each), 1200Q

This workshops if one of Doron’s signature’s workshop that creates dramatic change in students life in a short time. It is the in depth version of the Ayurveda and food for the Modern yogi. Here we also look at your lifestyle, habits and patterns that keep you fro living a tress free, happy and healthy life.

We look at food, yoga practices, travel, work patterns, sleep, diet, going out, sports, drinking (we are flexitarians, but each person has specific choices that will fit with their life and Ayurvedic body) and much more. It will feel like you just went to a health university – with loads of great info and a sense of empowerment to make awesome changes to your life.

Workshop is between 1-5pm. You can come earlier and join us for yummy lunch (50Q)

Ayurveda and food for the Modern Yogi

4 hours, 290Q

Based on sections from Doron’s book: The Yoga Lifestyle, we will understand your specific body type and needs and learn how to balance and create healthy food and eating patterns to meet your specific circumstances.

We use a variety of tools including Ayurveda, Macrobiotic, raw foods and more. 

Workshop is between 1-5pm. You can come earlier and join us for yummy lunch (50Q)

Israel June 16 and 17

1~Yoga Retreats Guatemala

Yoga Body, Zen Mind
May 28 – June 3

The perfect combo of yoga asana practice, pranayama, meditation, practical yoga philosophy. Good balance of being active and tie to rest and relax. A week of rejuvenation, fun and great food. Perfect boost of energy for life, a reset button for stuckness, and an opportunity to deepen your practice. Morning practices with afternoon workshops.

With Doron Hanoch

Yoga and Sound Healing: Relaxation, Meditation, and Chakra Balancing with Singing Bowls
June 18-24

With LaChelle Amos

Thanks Giving Yoga Retreat: A Blissful Retreat of Yoga, Bhakti and Joy
November 19-25 

With Doron Hanoch

Discover the true source of happiness and step away from your mind with lots of yoga practice, chanting, meditation, and workshops. Enjoy the Mayan culture, the gorgeous Lake Atitlan, delicious organic local food, our stunning, brand new yoga shala, and a safe place to just be. This is an ashtanga-vinyasa mixed with bhakti retreat for all levels.

With Doron Hanoch

New Years Rejuvenation Yoga Retreat
December 25 – January 1

Come celebrate with us the joy of yoga, dance, delicious food, and new friendships! This week is all about celebration. One hundred sixty square meters await your yoga practice and dancing feet. Lots of laughter guaranteed!

With Doron Hanoch