The Flexitarian Method

The Flexitarian Method™


The Practical Way to Health and Happiness Using the Tools of Ayurveda and Yoga – $18.99

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Have you ever wanted to?

· Get stronger and toned without lifting weights?

· Get flexible without being a ballerina?

· Lose weight without going on a diet?

· Have constant energy, yet know how to relax

· Be able to bring yourself back to balance?

· Have a healthy, happy lifestyle with no dogma?

· Find a steady and focused mind?

· Stay calm and cool no matter what?

Why Buy the Flexitarian Method™ Book?

There are a plethora of meditation, yoga, health, nutrition, and cookbooks on the market. Many of them address a specific diet or dogma in which they treat the person as if we all have the exact same body and mind. One can argue that in essence we are all the same, but on a functioning level, we sure are different.

This book describes a holistic system – a lifestyle – leading to total health and happiness; one that encompasses everything from attitude, meditation, food, yoga and training of the mind. It operates from the principle that in order to have the best chance to experience bliss, it is best to go about it on all levels.

Readers can choose to work on one area more than others, and that is fine. The book offers a toolbox of the most efficient practices that may fit into today’s lifestyle, extracting from tradition to create powerful contemporary practices. Kept simple, it provides foundations without an overwhelming amount of detail. It provides the essentials that can be utilized right away in life.

This book introduces the concept of the flexitarian. If you’ve heard the term, it’s probably with respect to the flexitarian diet, which most people define the as a diet that is mostly vegetarian or vegan but does include some fish, poultry and meat on occasion.

The book looks at the flexitarian diet and expands upon those principles to create an entire flexitarian lifestyle. The Flexitarian Method™ aims to create the best life possible without the stress. It seeks the healthiest life options for each individual according to his or her needs.

This book is great for everyone really. It is based on the research of many yoga traditions (mostly from the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition), mind and meditation practices (mostly Zen Buddhism and Gestalt), as well as most health diets, both modern and of the traditional (Ayurveda, blood type, macrobiotic, raw food). It takes the best from each dogma and presents a system that each person can adapt to meet his or her individual needs.

This is an empowering book that combines powerful mind training techniques, nutrition, food, yoga and health in general into a holistic approach to life.

The road to a blissful life can only be achieved as a synergy between the elements of body, mind and spirit. With clear simple language, The Flexitarian Method explains why it is better to choose certain foods over others and offers detailed explanation of yoga poses as well as simple visual practices. The book explores concepts with short, fun anecdotes and always has quick bullet references at the end of each chapter.

Living a blissful life is often easier to discuss than to practice. We may experience moments of happiness, excitement and/or love, but most of the time we are on a roller coaster moving in and out of bliss. Sometimes life takes a plunge for the worse and we feel stressed, distracted or overwhelmed. Learning to recognize where you are at any given moment is the most fundamental practice that will then allow you to use the tools in this book to come back into balance and live a life of bliss.

Anyone interested in bettering his or her life, becoming fully content or using a system or structure to improve overall health and clarity will benefit from reading this book.

My mission statement is simple:

Live a healthy, active and joyful life; eat good nutritious food; practice mindfulness, and celebrate life while minimizing stress and negative effects for yourself and your surroundings.

If you decide it was not worth it, I will refund your money! Just tell me why not and I’ll be happy to refund it.
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