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This Doron Yoga life store resources page, contains only products and services that I actually use and love. The Yoga body has helped me through when my lower back was not feeling good. The trapeze helped me and my students with opening the back as well as for strengthening. The Doron resources page is  my recommendation list for what to read, which is the best food at the best price to buy, and what is the most useful and efficient supplement. Enjoy and please do share with others.

The Yoga Body Supplement
The Yoga Body Supplement

The Yoga Body supplement. Stay healthy and flexible, as well as recover quicker from injury: A must have for any active person.

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3 Month Supply YOGABODY Stretch
The YOGABODY eBook: “The Definitive Guide to At-Home”
Flexibility in Just 15 Minutes Per Day!
30-Days Support (via email) for any/all Stretching Questions
EXHALE: Deep Breathing Training (mp3 instant access)
RELAX: Yoga Nidra Meditation Training (mp3 instant access)


Yoga Trapeze
Yoga Trapeze

No More Back Pain! 
This trapeze is amazing for healing the back and a great compliment to a regular yoga practice. I love hanging from it as it release my vertebra. In this photo I am using the trapeze for back and quads stretching.

Yes, I want one for just $1 trial!

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 Recommended Yoga Insurance

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These books shown in the store below are ones that changed my life. I am featuring the ones I found to be remarkable. The products below that are all ones I use, enjoy and find to be of great value. Hope this saves you time searching and gives you some great ideas on what to buy and use.