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Bamboo to fill spaces between lepaz - wood logs. Eco and beautiful building construction.


Crowd Funding is now Live for the construction of the Zendo Yoga Shala. Support Doron Yoga: Donate here. Donate for love or get some sweet offerings in return.

Donations  are greatly appreciate and help build better quality facilities and gardens, as well as help us create / improve facilities for our neighbors.

Thank You Kent Putnam and Oren Dobronski for your generous donation of $10,000 each. You are helping to materialize the vision of Doron Yoga & Zen Center, and supporting a future generation of happier, realized beings. Thank you as well, all the others that donated. We appreciate each and every one of you, and send love your way.

Scholarship Funding Opportunities

If you are willing to sponsor a student, please let us know. We would like to create a scholarship program, where you have the connection with the student (if you wish). Scholarship amounts can be for $500, $1000 or full Teacher Training Course. Your name will be on the site (unless you request to stay anonymous) while you offer the sponsorship. We will review the scholarship application, and run it by you to decide final qualifications.


We seek Enthusiastic, self driven individuals that believe in promoting no nonsense yoga, bringing a new standard of yoga infused with Zen to the world. You will have lots of direct practice and communication with Doron to help you on your own path. Email for more details.

Artists: Glass mosaics (with paper mache), painting, Zen garden creation, ponds (rock set up, plants etc), or tell us what you can bring here.

Marketing: Help market programs here or online from your home, create affiliate connections, rewrite blog posts, improve visibility and PR.

Online Work: Help with online projects including word press, bookings and email communications, or any other admin work?

Management: Guests and their needs as well as overseeing the operations. (On the DYZC grounds).

 Construction of yoga retreat space at lake Atitlan Guatemala