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Adaptable Ashtanga Vinyasa with a Touch of Zen

We offer practical tools for total health and happiness, tools to live a spiritual life within the modern world. Non dogmatic, full of love and laughter.

Doron Yoga is devoted to guiding people into a life of Bliss through holistic yoga, creating both physical and mental balance, cultivating a peaceful mind in a healthy body.

Doron Yoga specializes in creating a toolbox of life skills that will guide you to a blissful life with a non-dogmatic approach that blends ancient wisdom with current trends leading to a stress free, calm and focused existence.

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  • The 200 hour teacher training with Doron was a true pleasure and it exceeded my expectations completely. We were taught thoroughly not just about the Asanas, but also about the history, philosophy, and evolution of Yoga and the Sutras. Doron facilitated and helped our group live "the yoga lifestyle" during our 3 weeks together...

    -Landra Scherer, CA

  • Doron has tremendous knowledge regarding healthy living, from many aspects. He gave me advice related to nutrition and exercise that completely changed how I feel throughout the day. I used to feel weak at times, tired after meals, and not sleep the best...

    -Gil H. Menlo Park

  • Jane Snyder

    Doron is an unusually aware individual. He has a talent for managing large diverse groups and also for sensing and flexibly addressing individual needs. Combining his broad foundation in Eastern traditions including Zen Buddhism and yoga with his background in nutrition and art Doron creates a flexible and tailored approach to personal wellness...

    -Dr. Jane Snyder, CA

  • Sometimes on this journey, you come across these unique people that absolutely succeed at life. I signed up to one of Doron's teacher trainings to expand my yoga practice. Chef, nutritionist, fashion photographer, artist, author, fluent in 5 languages...

    -Nicholas Warner, Australia 2016 Guatemala Teacher Training

  • I was always somewhat lost and unclear of who I was. I viewed everything slightly negatively and when I became paralyzed after a car accident, everything shattered. It wasn’t until Doron came along that. I was able to focus on the beauty of every moment instead of obsessing over my final goal of walking...

    -Julia Olsen, Foster City, CA.

  • You are truly a master teacher! I feel blessed to have a teacher that has such a wide variety of knowledge, and an incredible life experience. You are able to transmit this knowledge in a very clever, fun, loving way to your students. You are obviously a great Ashtanga teacher...

    -Sofia M Widmann

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