7 Headstands: Sirsasana Ashtanga – Intermediate

How to Do the Seven Headstands of the Ashtanga

The intermediate series of ashtanga vinyasa is pretty challenging and fun. It is called Nadi Shodhana which means cleaning the energy channels. The series closes with 7 headstands in a row.

Learn how to do theses seven headstands. Three freehand head stands and four bound hands head stands. 
Master the regular sirsasana – headstand before you attempt these. You need to be able to come up and down with straight legs comfortably before trying some of the other fancy versions, as they have less hand support. Best to learn these with a qualified teacher.

With this video Doron shows you how to do Seven headstands of the ashtanga in the most practical way to learn about it. You can share with us your experience with headstands and tips of how to make it easier.


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