Free Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Hip Opening Class

Powerful Vinyasa Hip Opening Sequence

This video offers a hip opening power vinyasa flow yoga class where Doron will present hip openers for advanced students. It contains modifications and options for all levels. This is the practice that Doron does to stay open for the ashtanga third series and it is very efficient deep release for the hips.


 If you feel you knees hurting – back off! Many times when the hips are tight, it is the knees that take the toll – especially when the knee is bent such as in half lotus (Ardha Padmasana).


Great to release back pain, tight hips, tight psoas, and emotional blockages. Hips are the connection of upper and lower body, so releasing the hips helps release the flow of energy and movement between back, core, hips and legs. This may be one of the biggest issues of today’s lifestyle, and the source to many issued people do not associate with hips – such as lower back, hamstrings, and sciatica.

The Practice

45 minutes: full practice, including warm up, standing poses, yin like poses such as pigeon, double pigeon (fire log), and even some backbends. It will take you through a full journey, efficient and powerful with options for all levels, including advanced options such as leg behind the head. No worries, those with less experience in yoga, will still have enough options to practice.


  • Stay present, and listen to your breath.
  • Use long deep exhales, especially when in longer held poses.
  • Start at 80% and allow yourself to go deeper as your body feels ready.
  • Practice this at least twice a week, for 3 months to see results. Better to do this 4-5 times a week for much quicker results.
  • Smile when it get tough! It will be over soon!


Share your experience. What was easy for you and what difficult. What did you enjoy especially? Any other hip opening tips you can share with us here? We always love to learn.



The Yoga Lifestyle Book CoverThe Yoga Lifestyle is by Doron offers a variety of sequences that are depicted in beautiful drawings of Doron And Lauren by German Garcia. From 30 minutes to 90 minutes and different levels. Also, lots of advice on how to get in to poses, modifications and variations, so all levels can enjoy a yummy practice! 




Hip opening
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2 thoughts on “Free Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Hip Opening Class

  1. I have been very much enjoying the hip opener practice that Doron has offered. In just a few days of doing the practice, I have felt some relief of some discomfort in my hips and hamstrings. I hope to continue with the hip opening practice and look forward to enjoying more of Doron’s videos. Thank you so much for the opportunity to practice with you. Your joy and warm shines in these videos.

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